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Version 3.3 Tomorrow... And Orbs

Hey Everyone,

Confirming, in case anyone was unsure, that 3.3 releases tomorrow.
Patch Notes are still being assembled by Nimhain, but for now I’ll just leave you all with an infographic explaining how we use (and receive) Orbs in the new version!



What time will the update be tomorrow?

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It should happen between 11pm to midnight GMT I believe… depending on which platforms you’re on.
(which is about 19-20 hours after this post)


Not sure how much this will benefit end game players, but as a mid game player at lv 700 im HYPE!!!

Thanks. I’m looking forward to more Psion counters.

So zuul goth is another soulforge exclusivity? Also i think asking orbs to craft him is a cheap shot, we were use to use diamond

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I still have a few Imps to ascend and have very bad luck getting them.

Well this is cool news…

So these raid bosses troops we can only target in the soulforge with orbs? They’re super powerful and going to be even rarer than normal mythics. I kinda like the idea. At least for the moment!


Cool new features. Orb of Clans looks especially nice to allow guilds to more easily reach their higher chests through coordination but without having to have all the warm bodies. Orb of Ascension are of course great… if they are actually seen enough to be used.

I hope the leaderboard rewards aren’t as ridiculously stacked as Guild Wars or require time commitment similar to PvP to get anywhere close to them.

It looks like orbs these could just be heavily time locked resources again, but with additional RNG on top of that. Though I wonder what this Vault Key is all about to fight the Gnome King, and if you can achieve that by actually playing the game beyond being a warm body for checking off daily boxes, being that it is prefaced with both “if” and “might” qualifiers. I hope it isn’t related to treasure hunt, though…


I don’t see how that could happen. If the time required is small, then people will cluster near the top of the leaderboards. Lots of players can spare 30 minutes over the course of a day to do five battles (note: numbers made up on the spot), and a decent fraction of those will be late- or end-game players capable of fielding a near-optimum team.

Unless the score that determines ranking is highly dependent on RNG (can you imagine the howling?) or on variables that differ substantially from player to player (we’re already irritated by PVP points and gold favoring lower-ranked guilds).

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starts singing

Im soo excited, and i just cant hide it

terribly off key


Quit complaining and be excited! Having him craftable with a different currency means less of a bottle neck on waiting for diamonds. Sheesh!

@Sirrian question about clan orbs. Do they work like:

  1. purchased seals where they don’t count toward your 1500 max at all?

  2. work like GW rewards where they count toward max if you redeem before hitting max but are in addition to max if you redeem after you hit 1500?

  3. neither, they only add toward your max 1500 and not redeemable after you hit max?


Devs will soon run out of names for currencies and collectibles. We now have Orbs as well as Stones, Gems, Diamonds, Shards, (coloured jewels x6), Souls, Glory, Gold, Keys, etc etc and of course Snots… what next? Bladders?


I just hope the number of orbs required to craft him doesn’t mean we have to wait 3 months or more. That would be annoying.

Bars, tomes, elixirs, crystals, it’s endless …


It’s said “a version of him” so I guess a nerfed version of him. Or maybe this one:


You’ve obviously never played Neverwinter lol. They have a long, long way to go to get anywhere near the crazy that exists out there in FTP games for currencies and collectables :wink:

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If Orb of Ascension isn’t impossible to get, I welcome this Orb system…

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waits for complaints about RNG