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Enough is Enough. Don't Release v3.3 Until

The guild that gets first place in bracket 1 has 95% of their members go 30-0.
If the 5k thing was team score? Pretty much all teams in Bracket 1 are 10k.

The PROBLEM is the AI scales in difficulty throughout the day. So if you happen to do your matches at the wrong time… You’ll get F’d. But if you pick the right time. You’ll score really high. Hence… It’s more like a slots machine than a strategy based game.
Prior to GoW…I had all the levels of candy crush beat. That was purely RNG based with no “luck factor” dictated by the AI.

I’m highly skeptical the AI acts any different in bracket 1 than in any other bracket. There shouldn’t be a need to test anything specifically in B1 that can’t be tested in any other bracket. And how do propose they test anything in bracket 1? Bump a guild out of it for a week (because that won’t cause an uproar or anything I’m sure). Perhaps get a few guilds to give up some spots so dev’s can compete in B1? Again guilds will jump at the opportunity to have temp players in their ranks that they have to replace, they’ll be thrilled by losing GW ranks due to non-optimal players among them and no one will cry that the devs can be cheating. In short what you’re suggesting is impractical and unnecessary.

Perhaps it’s dismissed because there isn’t an issue. And perhaps the thing causing people to get upset is that people make teams specifically with the intention to kill, maim & destroy. After all, it is guild WARS and as we hear time and again there are tons of gems on the line. People are going to put up defenses to grief each other and take away points if not outright kill them.

I have had the opposite experience. I’ve pulled wins off where I had no business winning and I’ve lost battles that should have been a sealed deal.

More proof of this is numerous complaints in the past about the AI being down to a single troop and out of nowhere they lose the match due to RNG. But perhaps the difference between our experiences is the GW bracket we’re in…

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I’ve had matches like this also, though I have also had matches like awryan has described where one good run for the opponent and I just haven’t been able to claw my way back. But again, I’ve had experiences like that to my benefit as well. To me it just feels like people focus more on bad experiences than good, which is quite common as the bereaved tend to be more vocal.

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Because they have done a good job, and deserve that spot.

My point is that for bracket 1, like you said, they’re all 10k power teams, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a paragon or a herald, their team “strength” is the same, the only differentiator was how effective they were at attacking the week prior.

This is also why losses can be more understandable in bracket 1 as you are literally fighting the best defense teams the game has to offer, certainly your offense is going to be no slouch either but, again, because of the random nature of the game, something doesn’t go your way and a loss can be understandable.

I’m not saying that bracket 1 teams should be losing matches, just that it is understandable that they would.

Do we know what time 3.3 will be release?

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Hi all
Could anybody explain a noob please what this topic is about?
I dont understand words like TDS or RNG yet.

Thank you

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The dragon soul

Random number generator

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Earlier today @Ozball changed the title of the Lounge thread to “3.3 tomorrow” in ASCII text code. Looks like 3.3 is just around the corner.

See response from other thread.

So many people triggered because they lose a match sometimes :’)
A match 3 game is bound to have some randomness.
I love TDS, have been in fights where he respawned multiple times in favour of the AI, but also in mine.

The nice thing about gems of war is that even when your team is ‘better’ than the one you’re fighting against, the opponent still has a chance to win because of RNG.
Lots of people see this as a bad thing because they take leaderboards and good GW scores too seriously.

Sometimes when I lose a game it pisses me off, but it also motivates me to build a counter team. Most powerful troops can be countered by other troops or traits.
I’m also sick of seeing the same teams in PVP over and over again, just because everyone is following the meta. Get creative everyone! And don’t blame the devs :wink:


I’ve yet to see TDS resurrect more than 8 times in a row against me and time has run out. His current 3rd trait won’t be missed :slight_smile:

I understand the logic behind a very reactive RNG, and I agree with it, but I just can’t understand why it has to be so harsh and frustrating sometimes and so easy and quick some other times. Of course, a game isn’t a game unless you may lose, but this is about how you lose.

I won’t stop playing the game for a series of PvP matches where I could be as well combing my hair, because RNG does anything it wants from beginning to end, but two of my previous guild mates just quit the game and no, they weren’t endgamers, one was around Lvl 300 and another one around 700.

On the other hand @sojatay , this game is still a really nice one

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@ the OP, sadly they will release the update, meanwhile, huge bugs and errors continue to exist. I am nearing level 1100 and just about to toss the towel in. I am tired of waiting on stupid fixes that should be relatively easy to fix. GW is incredibly broken, and with warmer weather coming, you can bet your paycheck I’m not going to be sitting in front of GW 6 days a week.

I’ve never found TDS on my side to be similar to the AI’s TDS. My TDS rarely revives and if he manages to he does so at points in battles that ultimately do not matter. IE they are nuking everyone and charged and he might revive, just to die again. I play a TONNNNN and my TDS has more like a .5% chance to revive when I play him outside the stated percentage chance. AI TDS on my side and people might say I’m incorrect, but its based off how many times I play and fight him. He revives like its more of a 75% chance. And often between 3-5 times before he finally dies. My Infernal King or even enemy AI Infernal Kings honestly feel more true to their percentage, which is similar to TDS. And do not always revive. So always found it funny TDS revives so much compared to the Infernal King. A friend who plays also mentioned this to me. It honestly makes me feel there is some tweaks under the hood for TDS revive that we’ve never been made aware of. And its certainly not similar to the Infernal King in that regard. … I’m happy TDS is losing revive. It will also not impact my teams using TDS, only make it easier for me to face teams with TDS. As now I do not have to worry about another 3-5 TDS in a match showing up. I would say this is one of the main reasons players add him to a defense. Along with him being one of the better exploders in the game. Revive + one of the best exploders was a bit OP honestly. TDS also losing mana shield will also be great. I rarely face teams with mana burners that I can’t manage overall. And I would probably say the same for other players. Mana burn is not one of the more fearful abilities going about these days.

I personally feel that RNG is also pretty bad in GoW currently. Not because I lose, I rarely do. Its more along the lines of randomness. And there’s very little randomness. Actually in many cases the so called ‘RNG’ is very predictable. Meaning its not very RNG centered. IE if you have skulls at the top or gems at the top in general. The probability of a match is very high. And I even bank on it these days with great accuracy. That’s not random. Even with a 2/2 split and just needing a matching gem to gain a 5 is not that RNG. There’s a huge chance that a 2/2 split if taken will produce a 5 match. Think of it this way, there’s only 5 other possibilities that would prevent a 5 match. But it tends to especially in my case produce a 5. I’ve even noticed that the AI tries for it with great success as well. So the only way it knows to risk a 2/2 split is if it was programmed with that conditional also in place. The AI is also pretty dumb still. If you learn how the AI works with troops or even a set team. You can basically lead the AI to expose itself a lot. Even if it has a better and more capable match to charge/surge from. Or even if its already charged to lead it to a match that will end its turn. IE because of a 4+ match and being frozen, or matching a 3 skull. When the other team would be dead if the AI just went instead of chasing whats on the board. A better AI should determine the success rate of board vs ability based on current performance of both teams. And also taking into consideration troop healths on both sides. Sometimes it goes when it shouldn’t, and sometimes when it should go it decides not to. And in both situations a player can capitalize on the AI being dumb. Of course you do not want a impossible AI or too hard of an AI. But if the leaderboards don’t tell you anything its overall too easy to knock out the AI. So trophies are soaring up like no tomorrow all over the place.

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Man, if only there were a way for people to try the same kinds of scenarios the B1 player supposedly faces. If we could do that, more people would be exposed to that scenario and, if it turned out to not be fun, there’d be a stronger voice in the community to address it. Or, players might find some clever new team arrangement that works around it.

But that’s crazy talk. It’s most important that nobody knows what team a player uses. And if it happens that the team is so unique no one else is using it, no one else can empathize. And since we have to assume each player’s team is perfect and incapable of improvement, if that player is losing more than they feel like they should the problem is obviously the Guild Wars mechanics. Occam’s Razor says there’s no way changing the team might help.

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Of course not. Because of sentinels. The stats of the paragon are higher than the stats of a herald which are higher than the stats of a soldier.

This has already been proposed to the devs who have not reacted.
It is not that the AI acts differently but that only in bracket 1 you have to face the worst meta teams for each battle. The idea is that the devs don’t know what endgame is. Trying bracket 1 one week would show them.


My bad, I forgot about Sentinels.

I had him get 6 lives (5 resurrects) once. You always kind of dread killing him…

Like someone said, it’s no problem with IK, for a bunch of reasons -
those mentioned and also he’s usually in last position, so pounding him a couple of times over doesn’t really hurt. And it’s nice when he resurrects for you!

Ressurect odds could just decrease each resurrection, that’s what I would have changed.

Please allow me to chime in. Please excuse me, original poster, but this seems as good a place as any to offer my little bit of research.

About two months ago, I posted about my frustration over TDS’ continued resurrections.

One of the replying players suggested I do some real science and study the TDS resurrection phenomenon.

Thus, in the past two months, prior to 3.3, I have carefully monitored four accounts: Mine, my wife’s, my son’s and my nephew’s accounts (we all play).

Here are my results:

0 resurrections ==> 295 times
1 resurrection ==> 92 times
2 resurrections ==> 20 times
3 resurrections ==> 9 times
4 or more ==> surprisingly zero times (though I have seen him resurrect six times on four occasions)

If you compile those results, it comes to 575 TDS deaths (remember the 92 means 92 yes and 92 no, for example). There were 159 total resurrections. The percentage turned out to be:

159/575 = 27.65%

Thanks for your time.


The forums need more real research and comments like this. Thank you.