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Version 3.3 Tomorrow... And Orbs

Im intrigued when the changes to guild wars start. I’m hoping next week is the start of the break so my holiday away in Iceland doesn’t hinder the guild.

The only real difference between most battles played versus the same opponent with the same teams, in particular the optimal teams, is RNG, though, with very few places where even identically seeded RNG (and also assuming no foreknowledge of said RNG of course) would cause a divergent choice between two players. Team choice is of course the biggest choice, but it is often a a hindsight choice based on what your starting board looks like and the way gems fall, as many teams can achieve similar dominance versus the same team at similar speeds with similar risks if they don’t have a good board.

Unless, of course, the mechanics of the game are entirely different from how we are used to, I don’t see how you wouldn’t either have one (boards are grindable, score goes up with time commitment, need absurd time commitment to get anywhere) or the other (every battle matters, individual battles are RNG dominated, scores are not really representative of anything). And the latter wouldn’t make me too upset, considering this is the very nature of the game, but if they then paired with absurdly top heavy rewards, then, yeah, there might be an issue.

Not to mention Artifacts. Artifacts would be cool.

Cool story Bro :yum: (sorry, no Harold)

Are we getting more team slots?

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Orbs… seem too powerful.
I don’t like how the same orbs can be used for mythic and commons.

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Aren’t they are supposed to be rarer than rocking horse cack?

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The new events that require a team to be constructed (Raid Boss, Invasion & Bounty) all have a new dedicated team slot that doesn’t count towards your OTHER team slot total.


Thanks for answering, that’s brilliant. I read that as THREE new slots.

Nugget or 6 pence lol maby a bushel

New trophies/achievements?

So no color bonus. Yeah, good news.


I’m hoping some platforms start getting the new patch in the next few hours. Can’t wait !!!


So… for the end-game players that’s already maxed everything… the orbs are basically useless except for the crafting purpose? … we’re going to need alot more than just 1 Orb-craftable troop then!


yup, no troops left to trait, most ascended to mythic, and reserves of stones… i’m looking forward to this. it at least brings options to the table. i struggled to get a mangus for example, and despite him being ascended to mythic not making a huge difference, i can at least do that at some point with an orb.


Being able to fully trait, level & ascend a new mythic will be good though (although finding one of those orbs is gonna take some doing) - at least it will save a few hours grind if you don’t already have the arcanes


I was thinking about one of those future events where there is a new legendary in the event chest with two older ones. You are lucky and get one copy of the new legendary, then BAM, you use an Orb of Power on it.


But you might need 50 of em to create one of these new mythics, so it’s gonna be a toss up … still speculation of course.

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I am excited.


Are chest drop rates going to change? Specifically, is the chance to pull a Mythic from chests going to be lower after the patch, e.g. because a Mythic roll may return an orb instead of a troop? If there’s a significant change I’d appreciate a grace period that lets me use up my keys under the old conditions.


Jeez I can’t believe no one else has done this:

Assuming we mean February 22 GMT, that is:

  • 11 AM in Sydney
  • 6 PM in Central
  • 4 PM in Pacific