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Vault Weekend data collection

Final results:

Gnomes: 189
Keys dropped: 10
Epic keys: 1

About 2000 battles; estimated from trophy count. Probably a bit more, with gnomes ~1/15 battles.

Based on the numbers people are reporting, I wouldn’t be surprised if the drop rate had been bumped up a bit higher than 10%, perhaps to compensate for earlier frustration. It would be hard to prove this with this data, though, as I suspect that many people stopped grinding immediately after finding one epic key.


Gnome Tracker: 0/30
Vault Keys: 3
Epic Vault Keys: 1

I think it’s safe to say from the posters here that, although bad luck is still possible, EVKs are much more achievable :+1:


Final result.

9 keys from the tracker
13 keys from drops
1 epic key.

Tracker 0/50 - 225 gnomes killed and 1 escape in a random battle.

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My first vault key was an epic VK. Not too many keys this weekend but did get a 2nd epic one. Maybe 10 total vault keys.

used this before the reset:
got 5 chaos orbs, but no extra VK’s or hearts of rage…

Ending it with tracker at 0/35 after 977 battles. From that, not including keys from the tracker: 14 vault keys and 1 epic vault key :blush:

Also did 10 vault battles, which yielded 1 more vault key.

Feels like the vault keys were kinder to me this time? Last event, I ended with tracker at 3/35 and that only got me 6 vault keys.


Last day was a little disappointing, but overall its OK.

187 Gnomes | 39/65
3 free Vault Keys
9 found Vault Keys
1 Epic Vault Key

Grand Total:

429 Gnomes
12 free Vault Keys
26 found Vault Keys
6 Epic Vault Keys


My stats:

975 battles.
106 Gnomes.
4 VK (obviously I’m not including the free VK for hitting milestones of 5/10/15/20/25/30)
0 EVK.


305 gnomes
21 vault keys
0 epic vault keys

oh almost forgot… I’m pretty pissed


145 gnomes
9 vault keys (plus 7 pitty keys)
0 epic vault keys


21 vault keys + 2 epic vault keys from 195 gnomes (counter at 15/45) for me, not counting the 8 pity keys… Looks much closer to the drop rates we all were expecting after reading the patch notes :clap:

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Went mostly explore 12 for tokens, but swapped when needed to do explore 5s.
Didn’t play as much this time, 1k less trophies.

Tracker 4/45 -
184 Gnomes
8 Pity
11 Vault Keys
1 Epic Vault Key
Trophies net 4,150 (1 Arena @ 50 (no gnome) and 2-3 pet rescues no gnomes show)

Previous event was
233 gnomes
9 pity
20 Vault keys
1 Epic VK


48 less tokens than last time

More Nysha

3,999,482 Gold
9 Nysha Tokens
247k souls
306 Arcane Rage Traitstones
36k glory
1101 gems (a few more than last time)

Will take the Nysha as a win.


Tracker 0/35
829 battles, 105 gnomes, 8 vault keys, 0 EVK
(pity keys not in total)
< 2 naps >

275 gnomes. 4 epic vault keys and I lost count of the normal ones. Pretty good weekend for me.


Oh, OK, so they ninja fixed the rate apparently, just quietly doing their thing. Seems to be working as intended by whoever finally. :slight_smile: Which means Kafka had to apologize for nothing. Really sorry about that.

@Kafka :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Not a ninja fix. I know I saw it somewhere on the forums that the devs were modifying the epic key drop rates during the event to be consistent with their relative frequency outside the event.




So i guess my theory about VK and EVK having different ID’s and vault event affecting only VK drop rate happened to be true.

and good to know they’ve fixed it too

Ok, thanks, I stand corrected. :slight_smile:

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Subject updated - undated to reflect ongoing nature like the Strategy or Cool screenshot topics.
Please feel free to post your stats. @Sytro thanks for the nudge, I was getting lazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: