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Vault Weekend data collection

PSA - Feel free to keep posting on topic, but this top post is no longer being monitored or updated.

Let’s try this again dropping the baggage of the first two events post EVK with sad outcomes.

Let’s make this a happy thread with reports of your Epic Vault Key hauls.

Happy hunting!

Vault Weekend (2020-12-25):
  9.4  [A] battles to encounter 1 gnome (14896/1589)
 12.2  [B] gnomes to drop 1 key (2595/212)
  8.0% [C] of vault key drops are epic (17/212)
1,431  [D] battles to receive 1 epic vault key
   13  total samples

Vault Weekend (2020-11-27):
 10.9  [A] battles to encounter 1 gnome (5655/520)
 14.6  [B] gnomes to drop 1 key (4379/300)
 12.0% [C] of vault key drops are epic (36/300)
1,323  [D] battles to receive 1 epic vault key
   17  total samples

Vault Weekend (2020-10-19):
 10.0  [A] battles to encounter 1 gnome (13050/1308)
 12.4  [B] gnomes to drop 1 key (3839/309)
  9.3% [C] of vault key drops are epic (30/323)
1,335  [D] battles to receive 1 epic vault key
   25  total samples

Raw data collected can be found here: Google Doc


Will collate and post data as usual.

Won’t do too much though this time :grinning:

Last time out, I was collecting Nysha tokens. This time is just level 5 explore with Phoenicia, so should see a lot more gnomes.

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I will join, but will only be able to gather data about gnomes killed/keys obtained (to lazy/busy to count all battles done)

Will do what I can, as usual.

The same, will count keys/gnomes, as usual.

I’ll also record and report my data.

I’ll do it if I remember :+1:

Count Me In, Let The Epic Keys Roll Lol…

I’m in.
What data would you like collected, exactly?

data for epic vault keys I do believe.

Number of gnomes encountered (add using the tracker), and regular and epic key drops, not including keys from the tracker.

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Minimum - count of (normal) vault keys and epic vault keys and number of gnomes encountered. Data from the above screenshot is fine, “18/90” is 783 gnomes.
tracker at 18/90, 20 vault keys, 2 epic keys
783 gnomes, 20 vault keys, 2 epic keys
9082 battles, 783 gnomes, 20 vault keys, 2 epic keys

If you do keep track (optional), the number of battles will help determine if the gnome appearance rate has been tweaked.

I doubt I’ll play as much as last vault weekend, but I’ll keep track as well :slight_smile:

I’ll play until I find one Epic Vault Key (fingers crossed) and then I’m done.

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I got a text from my wife about 30 mins ago, she has found 2 evks this morning…

Idk if this is an indication of a higher rate or luck, but she was only playing for about an hour.

I’ll look at her gnome count and post it later this weekend.


evens out with my luck of 1 regular vault key in 42 gnomes (and it was from the 2nd gnome I fought)

Edit: Still having a piss poor outing of keys, but at least I found an epic vault key. (2VKs, 1 EVK). I’m content


partial data (leaving it and will update it over time, in case i forget to post it before restet):

Gnome tracker: 0/25 (so 50 gnomes killed)
Vault Keys: 9 (5 dropped, 4 from tracker)
Epic VK: 0

I’m done!

644 battles, 54 Gnomes, 3 Vault Keys, 1 Epic Vault Key

Good luck to all those chasing the ‘key of epic disappointment’.


Hello everyone, tell me in which mode it is better to look for EVK, I am looking for level 2 in an expedition (but so far with no result), and how do you think the level of gnomes affects the prizes which drop out of them? (I apologize for errors in the text, I am writing through a translator).