Vault loot redesign

Q: What’s the second most difficult troop to get in the game?
A: Zuul’Goth.

Let’s face it, the current way of looting gnome troops from the vault is severely disappointing. They can only drop from Cedric, and you only get a chance or two each week. Usually one of these three things happens:

1.) You didn’t get a gnome. Yay, you got some good loot instead. Win.
2.) You got a gnome you already own. Ouch, you pulled a dud, and you need 190 more to mythic.
3.) You got a gnome you didn’t own yet. Ouch, you pulled a dud, but at least you are one step closer to satisfying your complete collection OCD.

Gnome troops (with the exception of Cedric) don’t really provide any gameplay value, except for setting up a defense guaranteed to lose. There’s really no need to make them next to impossible to obtain. I’d like to propose the following:

Remove gnomes from the Cedric drop pool, Cedric should always drop something worthwhile considering how rare vault keys are. Instead, add a gnome on top of the vault reward, so you get one each time. It will still take years to collect gnomes to mythic, which feels slightly more reasonable than centuries. Balance out the rarity curve a bit to fit in with the rest of the game, getting a common gnome should be more likely than getting Cedric, not the other way around.

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easiest way would probably to design it like the Guild-Guardians. Once you have the troops on mythic +4, then they should’t drop anymore.

Same should appear with Cedrick. If you have him (and later other gnomes) on mythic +4, then you will get another gnome instead of a extra-copy again.


Which requires you to get them to mythic first. Assuming 6 common gnomes and 2 vault keys a week at 20% chance to get a gnome each, this would take roughly 6 * 194 * 5 / 2 = 2910 weeks. Yes, you could throw some ascension orbs at your gnomes to speed this up, that would only feel slightly worse than spending all your glory to buy treasure maps.

Put Gnomes in the Forge, each one requiring its specific resource at a huge amount