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Where are the new vault troops?

This feels like Heart of Rage all over again.
100 vault keys, 17 vault troops and only 1 new card. What, pray tell, is the drop rate of these troops? I’m starting to have my rage build up again…


I got 1 from 100 keys :frowning: :slight_smile:

Took me 110 keys to get all 4. Lucked in and got The Sun too this morning as well as a power orb :+1:


50 keys for now,1 sun and 25 extra cedric

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The Cedric drop rate is ridiculous, it clearly is too high


60+ keys now, no band gnomes. And I didn’t get to play much during the day that you could chain GAPs

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gnome vault is where you get those new 4 or on the gnome events?

after 230 vault keys
3.000.000 coins
2.000 gems
40 extra cedric
only 1 band (cindi)
the band drop rate is a joke


The new gnomes only drop as a reward for The Vault (the minigame where you spend vault keys to fight Cedric and 3 X treasure gnomes)

196 vault keys. Levelled to mythic with juicy loot.


i spent 200 ish keys to get them all, but i didnt get any Sun or Heart of Rage or Emperor …

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It seems like rarity of a troop doesn’t matter in regards to Epic or Legendary.

The devs just put new troops in the vault. Make it the rarest possible so that folks chase them. Rinse and repeat.

Years of knowledge about the game is now being used as a prey tactic. A false belief that the rarity of the troop applies to the drop chances.

As great as verses are. They probably exist so that they don’t have to try and sell vault keys anymore and get in legal trouble for the loot box that is vaults. The more complicated the system, the more legal room not to get sued or fined.


Myself and a number of players are tracking the drop rates. Currently I’m at 1 in 23 for a band gnome but I expect this to change as we get more data.

If anyone is interested in being part of the data tracking team, we are collecting information on the drop chances in the vault. The more data we have, the better our estimates will be.

Very simple process, click the link, request access to the Google sheet , I will then set you up your own tab and mail you back to say access has been granted. Scroll down to the tab that has your name on it and then enter in the rewards you got from each key.



Getting 10 LEGENDARY Cedrics for every 1 EPIC band gnome is just stupid. I’m up to 6 band gnomes (still chasing Freddi) and 62 Cedrics. Ridiculous.

Imagine if the chaos portals worked like this for genie lamps lol.


I’m personally fine with the drop rates of the new band gnomes (and tarots) given how many more vault keys we’ve been getting with GAP. These are cards I generally only want a few of for collection purposes, so I’d actually prefer their drop rates be kept low so that I can have a greater chance of getting orbs/keys/gems/diamonds instead.

380 vkeys

3x baz
1x Cindi
2x fredi
4x Hoagi

And 3 power orbs , 13 major Ascension, 26 minor Ascension. Thats enough for another zuul. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

Something wrong here, droprate are fckup bigtime. Thx for a great event :heart_eyes:


200 vault keys & 20 Epic keys.
1x Cindi
1x Freti
0x Tarot cards
22 Cedrics.

At least make it so if you have 4 mythic of a troop, it’s out of the drop pool. Like Guild chests


200 vault + 15 Epic
1x Fredi
1x Cindi
3x Hoagi
1x Baz
1x Emperor
(Still no Heart of Rage - 130 on New Year, 200 now, plus odd keys here and there in between)
Lots of Cedrics.


135 vault keys and 17 epic vault keys:

31x Cedric… :frowning:

1x Emperor
2x Heart of Rage
1x Hoagi

No Fredi, Cindi or Baz. These droprates are crazy… :angry:


175 Vault Keys and Found 3.
Baz with key 18.
Cindi with Key 90
Hoagie with key 115
Fredie with key 175

The emperor on key 145
The Sun on key 147
The emperor on key 155
The emperor on key 173