Various Xbox One Issues

Hi gamers!

Apologies if these things have been covered before, but after playing GoW a lot… great game, there’s a number of issues I’m hoping get sorted out. I’m not sure if these issues are also in the PC or PS4 games.

  • Missing creatures and city found in the PC game

  • Various tasks are incorrectly described or don’t work right. I’d say 1/4 of them are wrong. For example:

  1. Win 20 Invasions is actually 40
  2. Equip a banner and win… doesn’t work
  3. Kill 7 enemies with your heroes weapon doesn’t work right. You can get 7 kills with any troop (skulls or special)
  4. Get xxx kills in a row in Arena doesn’t work. You can lose, but win later and it still counts
  5. And numerous other ones where the upper left Task Box says one thing, but checking out the details says another
  • I read some PC patches lately and things like paying 50 gold/battle is still there
  • The News pop up box has some stuff that is outdated half the time. Right now it says, that Bearious epic (sp.) is available… Ending Feb 9th
  • Every screen seems to require loading so that colourful sphere with the rotating skull shows up a lot, stalls and “retry server” happens a lot
  • Matchmaking seems to focus on Player Level, not either player’s troop party. So if I’m Level 80, it seems fine if I match up against a Level 70 or 90 player… but that player some reason has an army with only 1 or 2 crappy troops… (maybe he’s testing things out, or doesn’t play the game anymore and wants to allow others to easily win). Either way, my solid troop team should go up against a similar strength army
  • When doing the Treasure Map, it seems when there’s a chain reaction of multiple Extra Turns (5 gem matches), you only get 1 extra turn not 2, 3 or 4
  • Sometimes when my army or AI army gets a flashy graphics on them when I do an attack or special, the animation frame freezes and I see explosions on the character art for the entire battle


Thanks for all this feedback. So we don’t manage the development of Xbox One or PS4 versions of the game. That is handled by 505 Games and the team out at Pipeworks. I can tell you they are aware of several issues on the console versions and are working on resolve them as soon as possible.

I’ll pass this along to the Pipeworks team for you.


Hi Nimhaim.

Ahhh… sorry about that. I didn’t realize game is handled by different teams.

But thanks for forwarding the issues to 505/Pipeworks.

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