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Using same Account on two XBox-Consoles

Hi everybody,

I love playing Gems of War. I started in 2015 on Steam. Now I bought an XBox some months ago and started with a new account there.
I am thinking about buying a second XBox. Can I just switch between these and use the same account on both?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, you can play your xbox gems game on both consoles. There isn’t a real save file, so everything is tied to your gamertag.

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Thanks a lot. That is what I hoped. :wink:

If you forget to log out of one Xbox and log into the other it will kick you out of the original log in.

Be careful setting up auto log in. I have been booted out of matches in gems because I had the bedroom Xbox set up as auto log in. Luckily it wasn’t Guild Wars.

Get an X1X for your 2nd, particularly if you ever plan on playing other games besides Gems.

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To be honest. I have an S, because the X was newly released when I bought mine and I did not want to spend so much money on it.
The new one will be mainly used by my girlfirend, so I am not really taken into account, which one to buy. If I would be, I would prefer the X as recommended. :slight_smile:

If you don’t get an X I would go with the S over the original. My original Xbox overheats badly and is really noisy it started when it was less than a year old but my S has been perfect even leaving it on for days at a time. You can get Xbox One S bundles pretty cheap now I paid $250 for my S with Forza 3 and another game over a year ago.

Thanks for sharing your view. That is really helpful.

And would like to share my opinion about this.

Yes, you can use the same account on two Xbox consoles, but one thing you should remember that you can sign-in with one account at a time and your account will update automatically. Or for more details you can contact with Xbox customer services. And if you want more in an Xbox game, you can try xbox live gold 12 monate kaufen because this subscription is offering features that are very interesting like free demos of video games and many more.