Using orb of clans before the 1500 limit


I was unaware that using the orb of clans before reaching the 1500 limit,would prevent me from getting the rest of the ones i was still to get before using the orbs.I used 2 clan orbs and should have had a total of 2100 by the time i got the rest of the original 1500 but i only have 1765,which means i have used the orbs and only gained less than half of what i should have.


This is user-hostile but working as intended.

You stop collecting seals at 1,500, but orbs will still work. However, if you use orbs before you reach 1,500 seals, that means you technically cost yourself seals.


Lesson learned the hard way.
We try and tell all of our guild mates not to use any clan orbs until they get 1500 seals themselves.


Then this is a glitch in my opinion. as the game should inform you that using the orbs will take you above the threshold. and will nullify your ability to gain more without using
more orbs(just like the warning you get before disenchanting troops).


It’s not a bug, the orb clearly say you get +300 seals and this is what you got


Yes you are correct,but do you not think the game developers should have put a warning before you used it like when disenchanting troops?


At the very least this is a warning to others…Do not be stupid like me and use your clan orbs before you reach the threshold.


As GM of my guild I make it a point to advise (never demand) someone to not use any clan orb until they get 1500 seals at the welcome to the guild process.


That is a very good thing to do…Why didn’t you tell me lol😆


Anyway,back to gems :+1:


Well I would of if you were in Ares and Athena or Apollo and Artemis. LoL.


This is why I called it “hostile”, it’s not immediately obvious to a player that they might be losing some seals by doing this. It wouldn’t hurt to have a confirmation dialog.

But I think convincing people it’s a bug and getting the traction for a fix is unlikely. People who play video games love repeatable things that let them call other people stupid.


Nobody called him stupid


Submit a ticket and @Kafka or @Cyrup will be happy to reinburse you with your missing seals this week.


It is fine awryan i will learn from my mistake…Thank you all for the replies…:+1:


I agree, it should increase current and weekly maximum like the guild shop ones do. Fixing this would be one less in a long line of minor things to complain about. And the fix would be so simple, even @Ozball could do it and sneak it in unauthorized.


Oh yeah, I learned that the hard way also a couple weeks ago, missed out on 900+ seals. But hey, I’ll never do that again.