Update on Out-of-Sync/Event Issues

Hello everyone,

Wanted to share an update on what has been happening this past week & the plan going forward from today.

As everyone is aware, since reset last week there have been a variety of issues in game affecting Event progress & Shop Tier purchases, Campaign Tasks & progress, Guild Wars and Guild contributions. After reporting these to the team as fast as we could collect them, they have been linked to the server having some load issues. Since then, over Tuesday/Wednesday the development team released a number of fixes and server changes to resolve this.

While since then we have seen a reduced amount of reports for these out-of-sync errors, we are aware that players are continuing to experience CLIFFY errors.

The team is continuing to investigate these reports and release fixes, as we work with players who are reporting running into this issue.

Going forward there will be some global compensation mail going out to everyone, in saying that we will also be sending individual compensation to players who lost progress and resources via Support tickets.

If you are currently having issues where you can’t access an event, Delve or the guild menu at all or if you are missing resources or scores from these issues, please click “Click here for next steps” below for further information.

Click here for next steps

These issues have not affected everyone the same way, and most players have not lost any progress, resources or items. If you are not sure if you’ve lost anything - you probably haven’t as it would be obvious at the time it happened. If you were affected you most likely saw error messages and immediately were missing items from the purchase you just made or battle you just won.

To assist in getting responses to everyone and the workload of the CX team (please remember, we are a small team of 3 people) all tickets in regards to the issues this week will need to be submitted by Monday 27th June at 7am GMT.

In the case that you have had error messages but have not been affected by lost progress or resources, please avoid sending through a ticket about this as a precaution. We want to be able to help everyone as fast as possible and going through a report to discover someone has luckily not experienced this issue, does take away from getting this resolved for others.

These issues have not affected any old Troops, Weapons or Pets in players’ collections - it will only have affected any resources or items you gained since Friday 17th June 7am GMT - you probably would have immediately noticed the issue (ie. bought an event shop tier and immediately your Gems were spent but ie. no Token or Sigils were received).

Make sure to include your invite code, platform, and as much detail as possible about what you experience. So for example;

  • The event/game mode you experienced the issue in
  • Date and estimate time
  • Details of what you are missing
  • Any relevant screenshots, receipts, error messages

Not only will this help us make sure you get back what you need in a timely manner, but it will also save back and forth messages trying to gather extra information.

We also understand how hugely frustrating it is that this has occurred and has been an ongoing problem.

Player tickets will start being responded to from Monday. We still have the 3-5 business day reply period, but reports and tickets about these issues are our current #1 priority.

Regarding what we have been doing and the plan moving forward for addressing the causes of these issues:

Roughly a month ago we hired additional staff who specialize in server and database management and they have been working on getting up to speed and had already started work on server and database optimisations. We have also increased our server capacity to handle the larger server demands we’ve been experiencing. The team has also been investigating and addressing the issues caused by the servers and database that the community have specifically pointed out and reported to us with many fixes and improvements already have gone live over the past 3-4 weeks. Moving forward we have team members who are currently 100% focused on the additional issues we’ve been experiencing since Friday 17th June. Once these current issues are addressed they will continue working on further improvements. This is ongoing work so we don’t have an exact day for when things will be fixed - basically this work is not going to end, it will continue even after players stop reporting server problems.

Lastly, we appreciate everyone who has already shared as much information as possible! It has been hugely helpful for myself, @OminousGMan & @Kafka in being able to pass on as much accurate data and player experience to the development team so no time is wasted.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: :sparkles: :white_heart:


Thank you for the update! Good news from my side: Cliffy errors are gone here!!


This message needs to be ingame - You ask for individuals to submit support tickets for compensation, only people visiting the forums will see this.


Hi @Jeto,

Thanks for the update message of the team/game side that makes indeed we can go forwards and enjoy our game full again!
Thanks for the update!

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Awesome @Chyll,

Thats news I wanted to read whoop whoop!! Much GLHF with your GW Battles and much pleasure with GoW again! :star_struck:


We were unable to manage this today :frowning: however, this has also been posted:

  • on the help center (first place of call for anyone having issues resulting in loss of items/progress or anyone who experiences issues and is contacting support)
  • on our social media pages
  • Gems of War community discord

It looks like they are working on it:

As far as I understand it there will be compensation mail to everybody that asks players to request individual compensation for anything they think they lost.


I’ve posted it for you guys on the Reddit too.


We have after a several not so great days an answer and knows where we’re standing and where they are busy with, I think that’s real positive and very understandable that it cost time to work out!

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Why not adding a “third” channel chat for official important comunication or a channel 0 always active for the users in the game ?
It could be useful to sending important messages from developers about update, news, issues, link for forum post, etc…


This announcement is highly appreciated. Thabks for the info, @Jeto

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Thank you, Jeto!

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OK maybe I’m just dumb but I can’t figure out how to submit a ticket…


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Hi @DJDinger,

Lol no your defo not dumb! I think if you use this link you come further https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
I hope it will help you further!


Will my forum post about reporting my world event progress/sigil loss be counted as a “ticket”, or do I actually need to create a ticket to receive compensation for that of which I lost?

If they can access your player account data from your forum post…how do you think?

Actual ticket should be the way to go.

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I’m not trying to be rude here, but my question was for the GoW dev who created this post. In any case, I did end up submitting a ticket shortly after my initial post just to be on the safe side, thanks though! :wink:

They’ll have a huge pile of tickets to wade through, they might be a little too busy to look for more compensation requests in other places. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shouldn’t be that difficult considering that a dev responded to my post about reporting the bug but doesn’t matter either way because as I said, I already submitted a ticket. :+1: