What is going on with leveling up the troops?

Yesterday I cashed in all the extra troop cards for souls which was close to 500,000 souls. I leveled up every troop that I could to Mythic. Some were at level 19 and some were lower, and there were quit a few. Some I used the growth orbs, and others I used souls. Today many of those troops were back to their previous levels. Now I had to re-spend the orbs and souls to get them back to level 20. What the HELL is going on? This game will sure turn a body’s hair gray.

You should mark this message a “bug”

If I do, I will get a reply. There is nothing wrong.

See this thread in regards to the ongoing sync issues. Open a support ticket here and explain what you lost, they’ll try to fix it. Possibly stick close to this template:

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