As Requested by a Dev: A Thread about Devs' Actions/Inactions

You are right, awful interface.
If you are wondering about rewards:


Enjoy the 3 day new Elementalist class event!
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#gowDesignSkills #gowListens #gowCares

PS: When Hero with Summon Weapon + 3 empty slots is something worth considering, we may want to consider revisiting Design 101.


Just gonna leave these here, as another cycle of ‘this company spends more time on reasons/excuses than on actually avoiding most customer anger by communicating consistently and professionally’ inches closer to its predictable conclusion, and if history is any indicator, it shall be forgotten by most until the next time this company does it again…

…all the while ensuring that monetization bugs are resolved immediately, and flirting with legal lines #Weavergate
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There we have it: once again, the obscure and virtually nonexistent appearance rate is ‘working as intended’ (the report was even marked as ‘Not A Bug’).

In line with this company’s consistent professionalism, this was informed on day 6 of the alleged 7-day-boosted-rate.

Have Fun Farming!
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This is straight-up gaslighting, again. “We’re not seeing any gnomes in our gameplay.” “THERE ARE GNOMES. THE DATA SHOWS IT.”


18 months later, we’re up to 9 troops to choose from!

Monk class event: enjoy!
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Not an issue in this case.

Tuliao, Yao x2, Cobaltine Wand, Monk class

There are way worse classes/troop selections (though I get it, of course - being that limited is always awkward).

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And Wu Hao still has the most redundant traits.


But you can at least be reassured by knowing that the redundant traits are working as intended


As if we needed any further confirmation that this company’s staff do not play their game.
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@AMT the tiny thoughts and effort put in to pretty much every new released troops tells it all.

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Nah, it’s just further confirmation that they don’t even bother to read the question.

“Is King Minos really supposed to have the same third trait as the Shaman hero?” - “Yeah, working as intended.”
“Is The Labyrinth banner really supposed to grant one more mana than every other banner?” - Yeah, working as intended."
“Is Wu Hao really supposed to have a third trait that is already entirely covered by her first trait?” - “Yeah, working as intended.”
“Is there really a human being answering these questions, not just an auto-responder?” - “Yeah, working as intended.”


Just gonna leave this here, as evidence of how much this company cared to improve the relevant (mis)communication that was at the root of Weavergate.
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thanks for that proof saving, right now it is corrected.
but still wrong in ingame posting


FangMoorgate Avoided

Relevant Threads:

As expected, no Mod was available after office hours to try and assist with the issue, so things kept getting worse until the next working day in Australia.

However, once they took note of the problem they acted swiftly to disable the bugged shop (undoubtedly not an optimal solution to all players, but likely to be among the best damage-control options, second maybe to extending the Faction Event for an extra day with the bug resolved), and clearly communicating that there would be a refund and a rescheduling of the event.

Noteworthy unusually clear and professional communication and action, and thus noted.
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And a new event efficiently scheduled within 48 hours of the original issue.
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On a positive roll: another instance of a Mod sharing detailed information in a professional manner, which helps customers stay informed as opposed to the radio silence/opaqueness experienced in the past.

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You missed the pet issues, where they did not know the behaviour of their own code

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Kingdom Pass Battlecrashers MIA Again

While waiting for the eventual proposed resolution by IP2 on the ongoing Vault/Battlecrasher issue, just documenting some noteworthy points.

When reports started coming in ( 10th crown of the day doesn't appear ), a mod commented that…

…even though a similar situation happened before and was allegedly ‘fixed’:

It is particularly noteworthy that somebody who claims to be among the top20 when it comes to playtime…

…wouldn’t put in the time to actually hunt for that 10th Battlecrasher before claiming that “It doesn’t appear as though there’s an issue currently”

And then we’re left with this:

They haven’t popped back in the thread, so either it’s working as intended, or that’s a very long dinner.

In the meantime, neither of the 3 mods have been online for at least a day, therefore once again demonstrating how much customer frustration/satisfaction matters outside of office hours (unless of course there’s a shop issue, which gets resolved promptly so customers can keep spending)

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Just to drive this point home:
I’m a computer programmer analyst by trade. If I say something is fixed, I make damn sure it stays that way through subsequent levels of testing. If the same bug happens again in production, it’s not pretty.

We can see what they come back with next week. They can have some rope because, to me, it sounds like they never found the root cause and just boosted the spawn rate temporarily. However, they NEED to be documenting these things. That was the #1 point drilled into us at college.