Update on Out-of-Sync/Event Issues

Worst Servers in any game - shameful gaming - fix fix you say -well fix it

To those who submitted support tickets due to lost sigils: how much compensation did you get considering the stuff you lost due to the out-of-sync error?

In my in-game mail this morning, I’ve found messages containing 100+250 = 350 (I don’t include the 100 gems sent to everyone in this calculation). Last week I spent 1350 for tiers from T1 to T6 to get those 28 sigils I then lost. I understand the other goodies from tiers are worth some, and the event medals stayed with me. But they don’t seem to be worth 1000 gems to me, sigils (are points for the guild in WE) are worth more in my mind than just 350 gems.

I tried collecting the compensation mail and the game bugged out. I couldn’t help but laugh.

It happened to our guildie twice, hilarious :joy: