Update? Incoming?

Several players have reported that the Amazon store has a new update. I don’t see it on iOS or Steam and it was mentioned that it isn’t on Android.

Is this just Amazon releasing early again?


Yeah. According to Gems of War - Match 3 RPG:Amazon.com.au:Appstore for Android

What’s new in version 6.1.0

  • The Dark Smith’s Curse has been unleashed in Gems of War! Discover the true potential of the Soul Forge with the power of cursed runes to unlock new and powerful recipes.
  • What’s New
  • The Soul Forge Unleashed
  • We’re overhauling the Soul Forge to include all-new recipes, ten additional levels, and even more improvements. Upgrade your forge with the power of cursed runes and start crafting new tools of conquest today!
  • New Encounter: Cursed Gnomes
  • The Dark Smith’s Curse has introduced cursed gnomes into the battlefield. Defeat them to earn valuable cursed runes!
  • New Heroic Gem: Cursed Gem
  • We’ve added a new heroic gem that emits cursed energy. Match it with Brown Gems to curse an enemy and turn the tide of battle.
  • Introducing the Shrine of Treachery
  • A new shrine has been discovered in Krystara! Fill the shrine with souls awarded in battles to unlock a limited-time offer for extra souls and troop resources.
  • Additional optimizations and bug fixes round out this update.
  • For more info, questions, or support, please visit us on the forums at community.gemsofwar.com

I have never once paid for their current shrine. I’m really excited to not pay for their one too!


If they put another shrine on the main screen, I am going to lose it.

Every time we have asked for something to be put on the main screen they said no because of resolution issues.


They added, ads, shrine, kingdom pass icon, did I miss anything? When they want to sell something they always find room.


whats the time frame for steam getting this. seeing as its christmas themed i can see it being within the next 10 days

Today would coincide with the “12 days of Christmas” theme.

Edit: but idk, would have made more sense for it to have been yesterday and that portion activate on last nights reset.

I may just be trying to interpret the tea leaves here, but that list of changes and “fixes” with 6.1 looks to me like it could be preparation for the next campaign.

If there are new gnomes, it probably makes sense to release it across most/all platforms sometime after this Vault event ends but (hopefully) before the Vault event on Christmas weekend so players can start hunting the new gnomes. And also to give the community a bit of time to find some of the new gremlins to report back to the developers prior to that campaign starting in early January.

As for why Amazon has it and nobody else? Perhaps Amazon has already gone through it and signed off, whereas the other platforms haven’t gotten that far this quickly?

Historically there has always been an update just before Christmas/mid December.


Yeah, just checked android, seen all the posts about some new update lol. Nothin there.

Funny though, the last entire year amazon was left out of every update for about 2 months each time. I finally sold my fire 10+, they wouldnt update GoW enough on it.

I expect it will release on all platforms shortly :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Very late for Android to join the party? No?

So far I’ve always seen Steam and Android update simultaneously; not today, though, - nothing for the phone.

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Might be a late bug/signature found by Google that they won’t allow us to get the update until the code is fixed and 505 has issues with complying with fixing bugs hence the late night delay. Just speculating but theres no courtesy update from rep just leaves half the community hanging here while the rest of the community plays but for some reason I see PC/mobile as one unit. Not separate. But from what I’m seeing 300 stones to upgrade the forge, more money microX installed.so its just a shopping store for them anyways… Big surprise. Updates or money upgrades? But where is all this new money going to since it was implemented? Better upgrades? Better server performance? I hardly can hang my hat on that.

when can we have this update on google store please ? Others players are enjoying new functions, why aren’t we ? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

@Jeto @Nimhain see my question just in previous line (no update on google store). Thx

Just arrived on Android for me :star_struck: