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(Update) 12-18-2016 -We are looking for casual active members

Anyone interested link in your tag and i’ll add you from here. Want to be a part of a growing guild and not just reap the rewards? We complete several tasks a week. help us help you

No requirements just be relatively active players and gather seals, tasks only if you can.

you and a couple friends newer to the game? this would be perfect for you

Hi there, HERMAN_33 is the tag, would love to join in.

invite sent and welcome :slight_smile:

Thankyou! :slight_smile:

I’ve never done the guild thing before in any game, but I’m really digging GoW so far and I’d like to give it a shot if you’re still open - SKITTISH SLOTH. Probably most active during the week at work, so that’ll be kinda hit or miss depending on whether or not I actually have work to do, but should be able to get some decent game time in.

If you have any slots left I’d be interested in joining. Invite code is SEPULCHRAVE. I’m still leveling up my kingdoms, but can contribute seals.

Will add you shortly thanks and welcome. we all play when we can. gold isn’t required. seals are nice because we all gain from the bonus seals from chests. quite a few members are doing there kingdoms, myself and a couple others are paying for tasks so not to worry.

Sloth can’t invite you you are already in a guild need to leave so i can invite