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15th Guild looking for STRONG members!

We are the Knights of the Glade. We’re 17th and we can go even higher, but we need your help, so I’m looking for new friends that will be able to meet (when they’ll be promoted to Colonels) this weekly performance:
440 trophies;
440.000 gold;
1500 seals.
Anyone interested please declare gender, age, nation, the name and position of your actual guild and your rank.

I’m active player can do ur guild’s requirement. 300 trophy , 1.5k seals , and 350k gold per week. I ve been casual on gow for a long time but very active since the last guild system update !

Im 30 years old , french player.

If ur interestzd and wanna give me a chance , MOWMOW is my invite code.

Thx for read !

Our guild has a spot open. Tell me when you leave your guild.

I can join rite now :wink: MOWMOW

Im free if u wanna invite :slight_smile: . MOWMOW.

It’s almost certain that we’ll have 1 or 2 free spots next week.

Good news: we are now 17th and we have a free spot!

We have 3 spots open at the moment