Universal Guidelines

Hey Devs (been a while…I know. :wink:)
It’s human nature to like or dislike some players over others. But when put in a position to decide if that player is breaking a guideline. Perhaps ask a dev in the office that has zero ties to that player whether or not they are breaking a rule.
Yes it’s up to the dev to determine what’s appropriate and what’s not. Just be aware of your own personal biases please (good or bad.)
The community guidelines should apply to every player regardless of platform or “friendliness with the devs.”


Is this bounded to any specific episodes that happened lately?

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This applies to a lot of things.

Also what should they do if there’s nobody with zero bias?

Where did the bad moderator touch you/your friend?

I mean, more seriously: you’re accusing a vague someone of behaving in a manner where they let a personal bias lead to some vague discipline of an unnamed individual. An accusation sort of requires facts or else it’s hard to get worked up about it.

Generally when the accusation is “someone was treated unfairly” but “no I won’t provide details” I find the reason is “I suspect the details don’t strongly support my case BUT IT’S TOTALLY UNFAIR”.