Moderate (less than 10)

If these forums are going to exist then you need to actually moderate it @moderators.
If you don’t have the time to do so then please elect folks from the community who can/care to do so.
(Not I. I have little patience for ridiculous behavior and would ban anyone who spams threads with ridiculousness.)

Everyone has the right to the opinion. Too many of you feel obligated to share it.


I think you’re one of the biggest offenders when it comes to that. Just saying…

Everyone has the right to voice their opinion even if it’s one you don’t like, or if you don’t care about it because the person has crossed you at some point.

If it gets out of hand, yes, there should be moderation. Good thing that you know it shouldn’t be you.


I disagree with this post. We all have a right to voice our opinions in the forums and a right to speak about things in the forums as well as long as it stays with in the forum rules. If you have a problem dm/email the Dev Team on this.

Hey, the forum is actually setup so that the community can self moderate.

As you know if you flag inappropriate posts they can be hidden by the community and then once a CX team member is online we go through and do any additional clean up that’s needed and contact any players that need to be contacted etc.

We are also able to validate the flagged posts so if the system is being abused then the users abusing the flags won’t be considered trusted users by the forum software any more so their flags won’t hide other’s posts any more.

I can see that the system was used over the past day effectively thank you everyone!
I’m in the middle of reviewing all the flags and following up on everything now.


Moderation needs indeed to be carried out unbiasedly though.

e.g. Sls gets banned for some selective enforcement of the ever-subjective ‘cursing’ rule, whereas a user who was clearly trolling multiple threads just got suspended until 13/OCT?

(PS: this is not a comment for the mods, since they ‘do not discuss bans’; just a highlight of what can happen when moderation authority is not placed in consistently moderate hands)
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sls is (temporarily) suspended, not (permanently) banned, FWIW: Profile - sls - Gems of War | Forums

The auto-moderation works up to a point but isn’t very robust against denial-of-service spam, which is kind of where we were headed today: a bad actor dropping troll posts into unrelated threads can end up causing lots of threads to get auto-locked before a human mod clocks on to intervene.


Thanks for the clarification
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