Unique troops to complete task

im working on my tasks and I dont know what is considered a unique troop? and help would be appreciated. Thanks

A different troop from one that is already on your team.

For example, you can’t have two Firebombs, because having a second one invalidates the “unique” aspect the game is asking for.


so I would be better off making a new team for that task and adding 3 different troops rather then using my team? would seem eaiser

Yep. I have a team slot called “Tasker” that I rebuild for every new task. Tasks do repeat, but not often enough that it’s worth keeping them permanently in a slot.


Good plan.

I keep one team slot open as well for Quest Teams. Finishing tasks can be a relaxing change of pace.

Mine is called “Mission Time” because… Time! lol

As for the tasks tips, my team is usually Main/Imperial Jewel/Link troop x2. Main is the troop that can do AoE/split/multiple-target damage. Imperial Jewel is for fitting in any color tasks and hero’s class exp (fully upgraded for bonus gold). Link troops are any troops with color link trait that give extra mana, so your match in normal explore could go faster. Although any other troop will do if it fit task’s requirements, even better if it can fit multiple tasks.

Also, especially this week, if you can bring weekly extra gold/souls troop in your task team (like Pyggra), you should do it!

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I have a slot called Daily Tasks.

It usually has Infernus at the top, then three of whatever other troops are needed to fulfil the criteria (race/ colour/ Kingdom) to get the rewards.

If you’re lucky, you can create one team that fills two or three of the Tasks simultaneously, saving a bit of time…