Unable to Change My Defenders (on Xbox One)

Just like I said in the title, I can’t change my Defenders in PvP. I’m on Xbox One. And I’m close to being done with this game now since the update.

Hi xangiexdx,

We did some testing internal on XB1, and we aren’t seeing any issues with changing Defenders in PVP.

Would you be able to let us know what steps you are using to try and change Defenders? It may help us reproduce what you are seeing.

Go to Defenders tab within PvP and press left on Dpad

I actually had this issue on ps4. It will let me change my team but keeps reverting back to the team in slot 1. If I want a new defense team I have to totally change the team in slot one.

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same issue here noticed it just now (PS4)

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I did notice my defend team revert to the team I have in slot 1 on Xbox One once, but I haven’t had that problem since.

@Nimhain The 1.08 update forced some console players to select a Defense team only from a specific Team slot.

If the player tried to change their Defense team to another slot, it would keep reverting back to the original slot selection. The default reversion was not necessarily Slot #1.

I have the same problem on PS4. My original defense team was in slot 3. I changed my Defenders to a team from slot 5 and went to sleep. Today i loogged in and saw that my defense team was still the one from slot 3 (and i got a lot of lost games due to it). Changed it back to team nr 5, quit to the menu, entered PVP again only to see my Defenders being a slot 1 team (wtf?).


I’m on Xbox One, and I’ve had the slot reversion issue occasionally. This week my Defense Loss rate is 100% even though I thought I’d changed it to a true kill team :frowning: