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Ubastet will kill 3 troops with his attack if one has "summon on death" perk

On xbox one, during PvP-
When Ubastet kills two people, if the second troop to get hit has a summon on death perk, Ubastet will automatically kill the summoned troop, in total killing 3.
It only happens when the second troop to get hit has the summon perk, not the first.

Here’s a gif from an xbox recording. https://giant.gfycat.com/FittingWealthyJackrabbit.mp4


Actually it can kill four if you’re lucky.

I’m pretty sure it’s known, but I don’t know that any dev has commented on it.

It’s a know issue, and supposedly it’ll be addressed in the next update.

Known issue listed as ‘investigating’, and Cyrup “liked” my comment adding some details.

@SpecialKay I am sorry you ran into this issue. :frowning:

Good news - The dev team recently fixed this one for the next update, 4.0!

Thank you for jumping in despite my forgetting to update the to Known Issues yesterday, everyone. They’re now updated.

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I know you can’t give exact date but we talking about weeks? Month before release?

I would say Aug 24 if not before would be my guess. Hopefully before.

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I can’t provide a rough time-frame of weeks, either, sorry. This is because schedules can change and it depends on the process of submission - the individual platforms passing the build and how many bugs the team needs to revisit or fix from QA.


@cyrup is it possible to have a rough time-frame about when you guys will send it for approval?