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Ubastet 3 kill shot

Ubastet kills three and damages a 4th in single attack.

IOS platform.

Playing PVP vs 4 drake rider troops. Used Gorgotha twice to power up other troops, damaging 1st drake rider. Launched Ubastet. Killed 1st drake rider, damaged 2nd and 3rd. 1st drake is spawned as 3rd rider is killed. Then 1st drake is killed and second drake is spawned.

Result of Drake in 1st position, damaged Drake Rider in 2nd position. No troop in 3rd position and undamaged Drake Rider in 4th.



@Rickygervais got a FOUR ubastet kill shot.

Does this with any troop that resurrects into a different troop upon death. I see it a lot with Gorgotha.

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same here. for me, its nice. when the ai it does, its not nice… for the drake rider 8 troop match its convenient (or for the 90% tds resurrect :man_facepalming:t2:

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Hey thanks for posting about this. This is something we’re currently investigating. I’ll let you know if we need any further information but at the moment I think we have enough to reproduce the issue and hopefully have it fixed soon.

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Just reproduced the exact same thing. First time I’ve vsed Drake Riders with Ubastet. Three killed one damaged.

Got a double triple kill last night against drake riders. Very quick game that way, lol.