Not a bug... complicated AF... But probably intended

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Cast Ubastet, killed the first troop but it didn’t kill the opponents Ubastet. Just did a lot of damage to it.

Of course Ubastet then filled and cast killing 2 of my troops without an issue.

Thanks to one turn where the AI’s Ubastet got 18 Mana from drop Cascades all on the top line. It was able to fill and cast again ending my 80-90 match win streak.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
This isn’t an isolated incident with Ubastet. Sometimes he kills despite a barrier. Sometimes not. But this time was just completely janky. Stuff like this is why players think that the AI cheats. I was clearly “unlucky” in this match in terms of Cascades. But luck shouldn’t factor in the games mechanics where we get CHEATED out of troops not working like they’re supposed to. And if it’s not cheating… then it’s bugged. Bugs are becoming a bit a cop out for the AI being unbalanced and inconsistent. Despite “not being touched in months”.


I presume the first thing you killed was a hero? Do you recall what class they were?

I started seeing uba not taking out the second card recently as well. I have also seen where it kills the spawn card on death and other times it ignores it. I never know what I am going to get, but the AI cascades are getting real bad.

Sometimes I noticed if the second troop has a barrier then it survives and takes damage but never really bothered to report this because it’s not that often.

Same here. But there was definitely no barrier this time. No explanation than just “scaling difficulty” saying you know what? You’ve won too much so we’re gonna break our own rules to make sure you don’t win this match.
Unless this stupid skill tree barriered the weakest ally. How “unlucky” of me. But if that was the case then no damage should’ve been done to Uba at all.

And shouldn’t kick in during the middle of the cast. After the cast is over. Then it should barrier a troop.

Yeah. Idk. Should have killed 2nd troop. Gotcha for sure.


That was it. The barrier trait

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Is barrier supposed to protect against “kill” effects? I thought it protected only against damage and Devour.

The barrier trait kicks after troop dies. Not end of round.

Zuul can but it seems ubastat cannot.

Has anyone with zuul tried casting on a barriered troop yet to see if it works for the user like it does in raids for the ai?

@TheIdleOne, have you ever tested this troop out yet after crafting?

Can you test this out somehow?

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Ubastet kills barriered troops all the time. If it kills one without a barrier, it’ll kill another with barrier. If it had a barrier then it shouldn’t take any damage at all. Not almost dead damage.

AWUbastet kills hero, damages enemy Uba. Upon killing the Hero but after damaging Uba, Hero’s Savior kicks in, barriers enemy Uba. The follow-up hit to enemy Uba, which was supposed to be the killing blow, was blocked by the barrier. End result, 3 troops alive, no barrier.

Uba can kill through a barrier if the first hit both removes a barrier and kills a troop.


This is why I want an in-game log of each step that’s happened. awryan could answer his own question if he had this, -or- he could prove that a bug occurred. With a full log of the game, the devs could easily reproduce the situation.

Instead we all have to be masters of the order of operations of dozens of different traits and talents, because it’s never consistent which thing triggers in what order. I saw an Infernus hit a solo troop twice today and do 0 damage. I have no explanation. I just played on, because I had no way to prove what I just saw.

What @Zuboki said. He beat me to the explanation. That’s why I asked if you knew what class the hero was. We’ve been seeing this behavior with that barrier upon death trait as well. Whether it should trigger between uba’s shots or not can be debated & whether barrier should prevent an insta kill effect or not is too, but that’s how it’s working.



I have always assumed that kill bypasses barrier. Am I wrong?

I would say from this example yes. Until the the skill trees were introduced there was never anything that slipped a barrier in between something casting & resolution of an insta kill. I’d be interested to see if that trait works the same for things like Scorpius or if it interacts differently (in which case 1of them is bugged).

For what I’ve seen, Ubastet bypasses pre-existing and active barrier, but not the one related hero’s class perks which is activated at the death of a troop

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Uba-barrier confirmed!