Two requests - One about the Random Effect Spells and Mana/4 match

Hi folks

Played against Mongo today and really felt like wtf. First have no clear what he does since there is no indication if he has done something. (Similar to Brian)

But what is worse is you can’t fix it. He stripped my explode 13 gems skill down to 0 without me even knowing it

More so after reviewing the rest of the team it appears it happened to Everyone was reduced to a 0 skill.

Cleanse did not reset my skill back to the level it was at the start of the game. I ended up winning only because Mongo had not gotten to my attack yet so I skull bashed him.

It would be nice to ‘announce’ what the random thing is that just happened.

When a Mana Surge/4 Match happens - Mana surge only fires off and you don’t notice that there is a 4 match. This started to bug me because I couldn’t see what the 4 match that I missed but the AI took another turn. It was only after studying this for 6 weeks now carefully I noticed that Mana Surge shows but the Extra Turn message doesn’t show up. Since I know I have gotten Mana Surge on a 3 match, I didn’t realize that messages would not show up with a Mana Surge+Extra Turn message set.

It might explain some of the times I swear I know there was no 4 match but now with the fact I have seen a 4 match with only Mana Surge message and no Extra Turn message following, I am not completely sure anymore.

there should be no mana surge for a x4 gem - you dont get 8 with it only the extra turn.

On console, 4x gem matches can surge also. At least on xbox one

aww that stinks :stuck_out_tongue: i wanna be able to do that :smiley: