Two questions

[1] does anybody know the base tribute chance per kingdom?
the modifiers per leveling kingdoms say 3 times tribute chance etc. just wondering what it’s three times.

[2] so tarot troops are locked in the vault, even tho they are kingdom troops. can you get them in the regular vault or just in the epic vault? and does increasing difficulty increase chance?

[3] that wasn’t the second question. those are bonus questions if you have the Bonus Question Pass.

[4] my second question is, will they be available to be forged when it’s that kingdom’s week in the forge?
i know vault troops aren’t in the forge, but primal troops are and these are kingdom troops, not vault troops.

[1] Not sure, but you can see the “current” tribute chance for a given kingdom by going to that kingdom and clicking on “kingdom info”, e.g.,:

So, I have 41% tribute chance for this kingdom. Looking at power levels, I also see that I have a 3.5% multiplier, so by this, I could say that the base chance for this kingdom is: ~11.7% (likely 12%). Does it generalize to all kingdoms or depend on your level or something else? I don’t know.

[2] Correct. Tarot cards are vault only. Difficulty chance (of vault) does not have a correlation with drop rates (for cards) just the amount of other stuff e.g., gold, gems, etc. From personal (and potentially biased experience) Epic Vault seems to have a higher chance to drop tarot cards, but I never gathered data for this.

[3] Sorry, I am non-IAP, so I don’t have Bonus Question Pass :slight_smile:

[4] Will they be in the forge? Who knows. Given that they are one of the main revenue generators right now, I would not expect soon, but again, at this point anything would be speculation.


As the other questions have been answered, I’ll just answer the one that hasn’t been really answered, i.e. question 1.

The base tribute chance is 10%. So the 3.5x or 3x (or whatever) multiplied increases that. Other things that might increase your tribute chance are your guild’s guardian statues, specifically the red statue, which maxes out at 6% bonus. In the example shown above, 41% comes from 10% x 3.5 = 35% + 6% = 41%.

Coincidentally, the yellow guardian increases the tribute amount by up to 10%. What this increases is based on each kingdom and is not immediately visible when you look at the screenshot above since the values are already calculated and displayed on the right (in this case 1650 gold, 0 glory and 66 souls). Assuming Skynet is at max power for Broken Spire, that’s 3.75x the base amount. In this case, however, the 10% is added before the multiplier (just found this out when running the numbers).

Broken Spire’s base tribute is 200 Gold and 8 Souls. I believe Skynet’s home kingdom is set to Broken Spire based on those tribute amounts. My Broken Spire, which is also at max power, shows 825 gold and 33 souls (exactly half the amount shown on Skynet’s screenshot).

200 + 10% = 220 x 3.75 = 825 (if home kingdom, doubles to 1650)
8 + 10% = 8.8 x 3.75 = 33 (if home kingdom, doubles to 66)


  • Base tribute chance is 10%, which is first multiplied by the chance multiplier and then summed with the red guardian bonus percentage.
  • Base tribute amount varies for each kingdom but the bonus from the yellow guardian is summed first and then multiplied by the tribute amount multiplier.

i don’t think they’ve featured a kingdom in the forge after four weeks from its tarot card being introduced.
i was assuming the mechanics would be the same, but wasn’t sure, and i thought it might have been mentioned someplace i missed.

and then there’s the whole weaver flub.
the takeaway i got from THAT is that they’ll make sure the Tarot cards don’t accidentally show up in event chests.
if they did that’d be fine.

They have: Suncrest.