Turn to Stone

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New Epic Troop: Rok’Gar the Guardian Rok’Gar the Guardian will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: The Garnet Light There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event:…

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fixed it (10 chars)


I would even suggest preferring Rok’Gar the Guardian against Gar’Nok since if it truly give 1.18x on average, it means that it would give 15 * 1.18 = 17.7 points on average.

Good luck to all!


On the other hand - battles don’t reset, so rules are more simple:

avoid: Brawlmaster Bur’Nakh when possible


How long before the Salty profile no longer posts these?

Will there be a duel between the G-Man and Jeto for posting-supremacy?

Grabs :popcorn: in anticipation of what will no-doubt be a mundane procedural transfer of Dev powers


Guess it’s been possesed by a script and will serve for eternity for purpose of auto-posting Official News. Salty might have left us, but her digital shell will always remind us about her… :ghost:


All of the ones for this campaign are probably scheduled to post already when the time comes.

Its possible all of the posts until the next update are ready to post as well.

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You keep providing the laughs with in game names; seriously: ‘turn to stone’; all it makes us think, is how the developers turn to stone at every reasonable player suggestion for the benefit of the game.

Zorn 4x3+2+5=12+10=22
Gargantaur 3x3+2x5=9+10=19
rok’gar 3x5x1.18+15x1.18=17.7
Garnok 4x3+1x5=12+5=17
kruarg 3x3+1x5=9+5=14
Burnak 3x3=9

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(10 characters)

Rok’Gar the Guardian- sadly he is pretty much useless. Or it is a gamble to use him.
First he converts the blue mana gems to skull, then creates brown mana potions, which can destroy the skull line up you just made…


May he become known as the Doomed Orc. :smiling_imp:


Lol good one. :rofl::rofl::wink:
Now we just have to wait some years to get him fixed… Like the Doomed Blade/Doomed Club.

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I haven’t had a problem with this new troop. In fact, he’s the first of the “1-3 Potion” troops I’ve used, specifically because he converts, and so you can try to plan around getting an extra turn out of him. I think he’s fantastic for this event. I have him in first slot.


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My super skull dmg team:


shorten it to Dorc


It is just like the Doomed Blade or Doomed Club before they finally fixed it. Most of the times went well.
I also used the new troop for several fights, until 2 times where the mana potions replaced some skulls which was just converted from blue.
It was ok for the early fight, but I am not taking the chance on higher fights.

Yeah, they couldn’t have given us a good orc troop. That wouldn’t fit the kingdom.

All these troops suck with their 50% chance to give the turn and the potions to the enemy. No, thanks.

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Totally useless troops, all of them. Never used any of them and never will.
They are just wasting their time with these junks.

They used to have a 100% chance of an extra turn given an afflicted status effect, so while I’m not happy with the direction the nerf took, I’d much rather have six useless troops than six overpowered troops.