"Trust Server" Window Showing

This is informational only and I am using voice recognition on my tablet so please forgive any obvious errors

The following popped up when I went to play on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 I later realized that it started happening after I had removed the battery to replace a faulty charging port which caused the system date and time to revert to factory settings

Setting the time and date correctly made the window stop appearing

I got this message twice over the weekend, but I thought it was due to being connected to poor hotel wifi. I had connected to the wifi without completing the “sign in” so I didn’t have internet access.

That’s a certificate error.

@KrudlerTheHorse, in your case resetting the system time would have caused it because, as you can see, there’s a period of “validity” on the certificate. If your default system time were before the issue date or after the expiration date, the certificate would be interpreted as being invalid by your system.

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Um, if you knew what it was, why did you post it? :sunglasses:

You’re smart enough to figure that out.

Obviously, I’m not or I wouldn’t have asked. I say that jokingly but I’m also serious. I completely missed the point of the thread, primarily because of @Zippity’s follow up.

So yeah, I’m not that smart. :weary:

I got it. He wasnt asking what it was…

But then Zippity posted that he got it too, making it seem like it wasn’t an isolated issue.

I probably should have replied to Zippity instead, it would have made more sense.


Just curious about something. Is it a security risk, up server side, to find the certificate ids hanging out there in the open like that… or is this ok and something anyone can dig up using WHOIS lookup?

The actual certificate information (the payload, so to speak) isn’t exposed. Just the certificate authority and the dates. You can view this any time you go to an SSL/TLS secure site, you just don’t usually see it because browsers and OS’ only usually display the certificate info when the certificate isn’t valid for some reason or another.

Just as a follow up, I haven’t had this issue since last Saturday. I am still blaming the hotel wifi that had an extra sign in step to access the internet. After I signed in properly, and since leaving the hotel, I haven’t had a single issue.

I’m struggling to find a way that slow wifi at a hotel would cause a certificate error that doesn’t involve man-in-the-middle exploits and someone stealing your CC information. :wink:

Ruh Roh Shaggy… :fearful:

Hehe, mostly that was a joke.

I would have to see the SSL certificate in question.

In Krudler’s screenshot above, the server is at onesignal.com. I don’t know if that’s the actual game server or something else or what. In other words, I’m not familiar with onesignal.com so I don’t know what actual process accessed the invalid certificate. I only know that the certificate in question was invalid due to the time stamp issue introduced when his system clock got reset.

In your case, you may have been getting the SSL certificate error from the hotel’s captive portal rather than from the game. Some of those captive portals are “self-signed” so a lot of browsers and applications will spit them out as invalid. For example, the SSL certificate for DD-WRT which I use on my wifi APs is self-signed so the first time I set them up using my browser, I have to flag the certificate and let my computer know that I trust it.