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New server issues when anything is attempted

So I’ve been having really bad lag on my S9+ as well as my tablet, pc, and every other phone/device I play it on.

Entering and exiting battles gives me the SSL error message, the “restart” error message, as well as this new one: (including a very long load time)

My graphics are set to very high on this phone but it does it on all of them regardless of the setting. I’ve dropped my graphics, turned off high def water, and turned off blur and will update this thread as I notice differences. I understand servers are bogged with everyone being stuck indoors, but I wanted to put up as much info as possible so hopefully the support team has more to work with.

If there’s any more information I can provide, please let me know and I’ll do my best. The issues happen entering most games, finishing most games, opening chests, opening event/guild tabs, so on and so forth.


Edit: I’m on wifi only (no mobile data) with speeds reported at 150 Mb/s

Edit 2: changing the graphics, lowering speeds, and turning off higher water textures options has done nothing and I have a ~30 sec-2 min wait after almost every single battle making it very difficult to play.

New error message:

New and interesting error message: