STILL "Not Secure" on Firefox!

Right, enough. I first commented on this back in April, kind of annoyed about it right now. I can’t log in here on Firefox, which just happens to be my primary browser. Apparently its something to do with Discourse.


Aside from it simply being something that really ought to be fixed, this has resulted in my being on the forum a lot less than I used to be, because I simply don’t open my other browsers that often. I end up reading 2-4 days of posts at a time instead of a few hours’ worth. Usually I end up being behind. Like 160 posts on a thread I just commented on. I can’t be a helpful pillar of the community like I want to be, not like this.

(Please for the love of god, nobody say ‘change your browser’ or something equally ridiculous. The website should suit me, not the other way around.)

Usually an indication the web server isn’t using HTTPS. Get on it, DevOps person!

You are correct, the site was not running HTTPS. That has been corrected now, hopefully it does not cause other issues :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep we did this briefly today.


You should know better than to hope this. I couldn’t access the forums until I restarted my phone. Was all set to send a message to support about the issue.

Whoa. It works now. Excellent, thank you. ^^