TroublesomeStrumpett Recruiting Midgame Players


Hi. I am new to this game. Accidentally found GW on Steam and it looks interesting.
I left my old guild because there is no interaction between members.
Currently I am at low level (26), and still need gold to boost kingdoms. But I may collect 700 seals as your guidelines.
Also would be grateful if guild members can help to explore other aspects of game (raids, events…)
My code is GRAVEKEEPER_II1B. Please send invitation if you have vacant slot.
Thanks for reading.


Thanks for your interest. At the moment we have a minimum Joining Level of 70, but if you get up to that level and are still looking, please check out our Guild again.


We still have one spot available if anyone wants to join us :slight_smile:

we’re now completing Purple and Yellow Statues regularly, we’re in the top 350 Levels for Trophies and we’re getting 20k Seals a week, so if you’re a Mid-game player looking to improve, drop us a line…


There’s one space available in the Troublesomestrumpett Guild and last week we managed to complete Three Statues!

So if you’re an enthusiastic mid-game player who can get 700 Guild Seals (or Gold Equivalent) but doesn’t necessarily want to be a hard-core gem-basher, drop us a line :slight_smile: