Looking for new guild to join GUILD FOUND

Hi i’m a level 1170 daily player and my contributions are 1000000 gold,1500 seals and 300 trophies + i play all the events


Troublesomestrumpett are recruiting at the moment. We’re completing two Statues a week (and working on three) and we’d welcome your contributions…

We are actually rank 4 in the Trophy Leaderboard, Bracket 2, all the Guild Guardians are level 200 and we got all the rewards from Raid Boss and Invasion events :slight_smile: .
Minimal requirements are: 400 trophies/500k gold/1500 seals per week/all sentinels to level 2.
Low level players can keep their gold if they need to level up their kingdoms :wink: .

Our Discord server is here :wink: .

You look like a good fit for us, and I am sure you would had enjoyed it here around a group consisting of very helpful and down to earh people. Come see us today @bigdog64 . :slight_smile:


If you haven’t found a good fit yet… come check us out! Power Gems is Bracket 1 in Guild Wars next week and has immediate openings!

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Come join Power Gems. Join our Family! We have 4 top 100 guilds (3 in top 50) and you come move between them from #3 Unrepentant on down.

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