Troublesomestrumpett looking for Midgame Players New Recruitment thread 75k/ 750s - GW, Invasion, Raid not obligatory but welcomed :)

We’ve decided start a new recruitment thread as the old one was a bit out of date…

Troublesomestrumpett are now completing two Guild Statues a week, usually Purple for the +2 Mana Bonus and Yellow for +4 Life and we’ve also managed to complete Blue as well for the +4 Amour Bonus, plus, of course, that’s getting Souls, Gems and Diamonds too!

We appreciate that, in the mid-game, you’ll probably be putting a lot of gold into levelling your Kingdoms, but once you’ve done that you can help us build the Statues :slight_smile:

We can also offer you a 45% bonuses on XP and Souls, better chances and bonuses on Tributes and more Glory!

We’re also getting 20k and more Seals, so you don’t have to worry about wasting Guild Keys getting Common Troops (you’ll get enough of those from the Gold Keys on the Brown Statue) and we’re getting good results on Invasions and Raids for the extra goodies on those too.

So if you want to join an up-and-coming Guild and you’re an enthusiastic player (but not wanting to be a hardcore gem-basher) who can offer 750 seals and/ or 75000 Gold, drop us a line and we’d love to have you on board :+1:

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I’m keen if you’ll have me. Currently Lvl 157, all kingdoms at 5 or 6. Active player. Game name Mint-Berry Crunch.

I’d just need to quit my current guild - only 4 active players so it’s been a great spot to start the game but I’d like to be doing more.

That would be great. Let us know when you’ve left your Guild and your Inivte Code and we’ll send you an invitation.

Done - invite code is MYRA_C8DF

Invite on its way!

We’ve just culled out some non-contributing members and we now have four spaces free.

So if you’re a keen player looking for a Guild without too many requirements, but don’t want to play all day, give us a look :slight_smile:

VYSE ARCADIA is my invite code.

I am level 341 - Max seals, good for 50-150 trophies depending on how busy I am. I can contribute 50-100k per week gold. I have 9 more kingdoms to max and then I can push up the donations.

I would also like to see if my son can join but he is really low level and I would need to carry him for a bit.

Thanks, I’ve sent you an invite.

I think we can probably make an exception for your son if he can at least contribute some seals. Let me know his Invite code.

We have one space remaining in the Guild, so if you’re looking for a good Guild for the Midgame, drop us a line and we’ll invite you :slight_smile:

Still got a space available for a new member…

I’ll take your open spot.



Ok, I’ve sent you an invite (you could have chosen a shorter name…! :wink: )

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We’re going to have a couple of slots free when our Guild Master clears out the dead wood later today, so if you’re looking for a new Guild, let us know :slight_smile:

Ok, Troublesomestrumpett is now recruiting again, we look forward to you joining us!

Invite I am a returning player been away from the game for a little over year. Xylstrea is invite

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Thanks, I’ve sent you an invitation :slight_smile: