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Looking for Troublesome Strumpetts! We're looking for Midgame Players

If you’re a regular player who wants to join an up-coming Guild, but without the need to play for hours every day, then Troublesomestrumpett could be ideal for you.

Our requirements are not excessive:

700 Seals (or Gold equivalent, but we prefer the Seals :slight_smile: )

GW participation (We’d like you to fight every day, but don’t insist on it, we just hope you’ll finish all your battles by the end of the week.)

GW Sentinel contributions (You don’t have to max them out but it would be welcomed if you can)

Guild Statue Contributions We would also be grateful if you can contribute to the Guild Statues, but we appreciate that, when you’re in the midgame, you want to use most of your Gold to boost your Kingdoms, so we just ask that you contribute to whichever Statue we’re targetting in a particular week.

We’ve been holding our own around the middle levels for a while now, but we want to move up, so we’re looking for regularly active players to improve our Guild and GW rankings.

We aim to hit 20k seals a week (and it’s not that hard to get 700 if you do GW, PvP and some easy exploring), we don’t worry about trophies, but any you contribute would be welcomed.

Please also join our Discord chat and, even if you don’t contribute much, we’d like you to keep an eye on the discussions and comments from our Leader.

So if you want to join a relaxed Guild which can benefit your gameplay, drop us a line and become a troublesomestrumpett :wink:

PS - Addendum: Our Guild Statues are R:71, B: 70, G:64, Y:66, P:63 and O:68, so there’s some nice bonuses to be had for Tribute, Souls, XP and Glory to help you along…

We still have a few vacancies, do come along, we promise not to bite! (Not unless you like that sort of thing… :wink: )

Troublesomestrumpett are recruiting again!

We’ve cleared out the deadwood of players who joined, but then didn’t bother to contribute, so we have spaces left if you’re looking for a Casual Guild that will give you some good Bonuses to your stats.

Drop us a line if you’d like us to Invite you :slight_smile:

Having dumped a bunch of players who joined, then did damn all, plus one obvious bot (went to Level 1000 in the course of a week and had over 200k of troops not cashed in for Souls!) Troublesomestrumpett has space for some more players.

We’ve upped our Recruitment Level to 70 to hopefully discourage the “let’s join and then not even bother to say hello” types, so if you’re an enthusiastic relaxed player who doesn’t want to buy their way to victory or bash the gems day in and day out, do drop us a line…

We still have places available after clearing out the old, inactive players, so get in touch if you like to join a relaxed casual Guild with good bonuses…

There are still a few spaces free if you’re a Mid-game player looking for a Guild to join…