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Troops found in kingdoms

Well, let’s explain better.
When I say “found” I do not mean that you will fight a battle and “win a troop”. And I’m not talking about new troops exactly.

The idea was that every Krystara kingdom had a kind of “Portal” as we have in the Factions, where only kingdom troops could be purchased.

It would work like what already happens in the event keys, but a player who needed, for example, troops exclusively from Sword’s Edge, could access this feature in the kingdom and catch only troops from it.

The troops thus acquired would not come in chests using keys to open them. Chests in the game would continue the same way. Developers could create a new type of currency (such as the shards) that would be accumulated and used in that case (as we do in Factions).

My idea is to help the player put stars in the realms, because for me, acquiring a certain mythical or legendary troop is often very difficult.

For example, in some cases, the event of the kingdom that will take many weeks to happen and just when the troop appears to be manufactured at Soulforge, I am without the resources that week.

This leaves me disappointed and back in the game, having to wait again for the troop to appear at Soulforge or at an event, or even to pray that he will come, very lucky, in some other chest.

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