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Troop Roles that Make No Sense: Especially with Medals

Doing Explore in Pan’s VAle today, I saw the enemy team had Sylvasi in the far back. Looking at the ability and traits, I wonder why it’s sitting in the back.

So why would something that increases its attack, has skull damage reduction, skull dodge chance, and a trait that applies a negative effect when doing skull damage… be sitting in the back of the team? All three of its traits are completely useless back there, and all the attack it steals does nothing for itself. In fact, sitting in the back, the only thing it does is decrease an enemy’s attack (and not necessarily even the first enemy troop), and convert gems.

But you’d understand why it’s in the back if you look at its role:

It’s marked as a generator, so the game during troop composition puts it in the back, when it should actually be a Warrior or Defender (Warriors deal damage though, so it probably can’t be that, but Pan’s Vale also has no Defenders, so maybe that would fit better).

In fact, a lot of “Generators” are terribly classified just because they convert gems. Satyr Hunter as well is marked as a Generator because it destroys gems. But it has Agile (20% dodge) and Eagle Eye (Hunter’s Mark when doing Skull damage).

And this brings me to my next point, which I’ve brought up in the past… Zuul’Goth.

It’s first upgrade gives it 1 Magic. It uses absolutely no Magic in its ability. Then Silver and Gold give it Attack and more Magic. In fact, only the Mage role could be worse (being that Mage gives it only Magic and nothing else).

Maybe it should be re-classified to be a Generator so it gets just Health and Armor. It doesn’t need Attack or Magic, AND it does generator Skulls… but at least as a Generator, it sure wouldn’t feel useless to upgrade.


The troop upgrades seem to be designed to provide as little as possible.


A horrific achievement grind with very little beneficial byproduct. Most medals are ill suited to the troops they are supposed to boost. It just makes Geoff’s carrot even less appetising. Very very bad design? Or a deliberate ploy to prevent the all day players getting too much of a boost from medalled troops? Personally I can’t be bothered even noting my progress towards this achievement. It’s not on my radar at all.


Medals were another carrot, that magic add to a troop who doesn’t use magic is clearly a sign these devs pay very little attention to what they are doing. Most likely just a “visual bug” i’m sure. :money_mouth_face: