Troop Mockup Creator

With the rise of troop mockups in recent months, with a particular nod to the amazing troop previews Yonizaf does for those who follow spoilers, I wanted to try and make something that would help more people be able to create troop mockups. Whether it be to help get their new troop idea across or just for laughs, I wanted to make something anyone could use with little to no knowledge of image editing. I present to you…

##The Troop Mockup Creator! (v0.5)
(I might need to work on my naming sense…)

This allows you to choose every aspect of the troop’s stats, from rarity, to Trait icons, to mana colour and cost.

EDIT: Quick tutorial about combining the images of this creator with troop art can be found down below:

You can navigate between the three areas of the troop card using the three buttons at the top.These three areas are the same as what you see in game.

Hitting the Save button will save your troop as a png file in the same directory as the exe. If you don’t give a name, it will default to Screenshot.png Otherwise it will use the name you specify (no need to add .png, that’s done automatically). NOTE: There is NO overwrite warning currently. So if you save with a name that already exists it will overwrite it. Also there is no need to save on each area. Save will export all three into one image for easy posting.

Unfortunately there is currently no way to add your own image for the troop and spell (or add custom trait icons). This is due to a limitation in Unity that, while I can get around, will take me a bit longer to deal with. This is why I’ve posted this as v0.5 as opposed to v1.0. However, the saved image does have transparency in the troop and spell image areas, so it should be easy enough to overlap it on top of another image if you so desire. I do want to add this feature, but it will just take some time.

It should work with most 16:9 resolutions, however you might run into some overlap of the trait icon window, which is why it’s toggled with a button rather than always on. I want to make this better in the future, but I’m still getting my head around the Unity GUI system.

Minor Things
There are a few very minor differences between the images produced with the creator and the troop cards in game (mostly with alignment of text). While these are unintended, I’ve left them in on purpose to help prevent any abuse/trolling of troop creations. If you look close enough you will be able to tell the mockup is fake.

NOTE: SPOILER WARNING for the new kingdom being released this Friday (April 14th). The creator includes the kingdom name and shield (and one other new element). So if you want to stay completely spoiler free, hold off trying this out till after Friday.


@Jainus we’ve just been using text. This could be interesting. Sounds good Oz, looking forward to messing around with this later :slight_smile:

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Nice work ! This is already excellent.

I saw you have issues for the troop image, and I suppose you can’t really put all current troops images in the tool, but that would be so fun to propose troop reworks !

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That’s actually not that hard, though it would likely increase the size of it by roughly 200MB for the troops and 120MB for the spells. I could possible resize the images to cut out a lot of the blank space that currently exists in the files, but even then I’m not sure it would reduce the sizes to a more reasonable level.

For anyone playing the game on Steam all the troop and spell art work is available in the game files, so they could easily use those combined with the image made with this Creator to mock up existing troops. I might actually do a short tutorial on how to do this in GIMP (Free image editing software) for those who are interested, but aren’t as familiar with editing software.

Ok here’s a short tutorial on how to use the image outputted by the creator and combine it with existing troop art work.

Step 1: Get GIMP if you don’t have it. Download button is there on the main page.

Step 2: Create your troop in the creator and save it.

Step 3: Open the saved image in GIMP.

Spell Steps
Step 1: Find your desired spell graphic from the game files. They can be found in your GoW install folder, usually here:
\Steam\steamapps\common\Gems of War\res\Graphics\3\Spells\Cards

Step 2: Drag the image you want from windows explorer over on to the open GIMP window.

Step 3: Move the image into the correct position with the move tool (the circled icon on the right).

Step 4: Make sure you reorder the layers (click and drag) so that the spell is below the base image (circled on the left).

Troop Steps
Step 1: Find your desired troop graphic from the game files. They can be found in your GoW install folder, usually here:
\Steam\steamapps\common\Gems of War\res\Graphics\3\Troops\Cards (note I’ve used the Cards folder for this example, the images in the Troops folder could also work, but might require some resizing).

Step 2: Drag the image you want from windows explorer over on to the open GIMP window.

Step 3: Now the troop art has the extra black area which we’ll need to remove or else it will show off the bottom of the card. We didn’t need to do this for the spell image as the black parts got covered by the card image completely. Using the Crop tool (circled on the upper right) select the area of the troop you want to use. Make sure the Current Layer Only option is ticked (circled on the lower right) or else you’ll be cropping the whole image. When ready, hit Enter or Click on the image to crop.

Step 4: Move the image into place with the move tool (circled on the right) and move it’s layer down below the base card. (Circled on the left)

Step 1: Now we’re done and to save this as a PNG, go to File -> Export As… to change the name of the file. Or just use File -> Export to to overwrite your original image. NOTE: Saving the image using the usual File -> Save will save the image in GIMP format, which won’t help much, unless you want to change stuff later.

Hope this helps some people!


@Ozball i have a request:

please add some small text disclaimer on the bottom that would give all the rights to whoever should own them

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Thanks A LOT Oz !


here is another cause i like maw and would like to see another one-shot spell :stuck_out_tongue:
feel free to hate :smiling_imp:


Any chance of an updated version of this? :relaxed:


any chance for an update that make it edit photo for you? im just bad at this image edit in general.

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