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Custom Troop Creator - Share your creations!

After a couple months of on-and-off development, including a near-complete rewrite, I have finally completed… the Gems of War Custom Troop Creator.

This is a graphical web app that allows you to upload an image, enter whatever values you like, and output an image that looks exactly like the game, that you can share with your friends.

Here’s a taste of the kind of thing you can create:

This is similar to the Troop Mockup Creator posted several years ago, but it is updated for the newest UI, and available from the web.

The page should be fully compatible with devices of all scales, including mobile phones. Not all parts of the app are fully optimized, but please feel free to leave feedback and share your creations.


Excited to try this, but it keeps blanking out on me whenever I make the troop name 10 characters or more. It’s like forum posting in reverse somehow.

Have you been able to reliably reproduce this? What kind of device are you using?

I was able to make a long troop name just fine:

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All the photos were taken from Google searches. And I didn’t bother with the stats portion. Just left it as the default.



As a side note, the “Result” tab allows you to view and download all three tabs as a single image, which is easier to share.

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I did it on Mobile Chrome so my troop data already cleared out. I assume there’s no way to upload the data?

Sorry, no way to “reupload” it. I’d just keep it in mind for the future.

Another fun thing about this app is that, with only a couple exceptions, most fields have dynamic scaling to fit the text cleanly within the box, like so:


It amazes me that the devs make it sound so hard to change the texts in the game when this app can do it in minutes. So multiply that by however many languages GoW is available to. And that’s how much time it should take to fix. Or am I missing something? :thinking:

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Can’t make the spell multiplier do fractions, so {magic} is always either 1x or 2x etc when in this case I’m looking for 0.5x, then there’s no place to stick an alternate ratio such as attack (but that’s extra).

Still good work.

Below should be something like 2 + (magic * 0.5) + (attack * 0.25) damage. Then the attack scales…


Had problems on iPhone, but iPad works great. This is fun!


Thanks so much, @EliteMasterEric! I had been hoping for an updated version of this. My guild and I should have fun with this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :grinning:.

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Thank you everyone for the great feedback!

I am currently working on technical improvements for the page to improve rendering speed, but after that I can work on other fixes, including decimal Magic ratios, improving the trait builder’s icon selector, replacing the uploader (I’ve experienced many technical issues and bugs trying to get it to look and function well), and potentially adding those box things on the side that describe Status Effects and display the Boost Ratio between the troop card and the spell card (optional).


LOL Hilarious!

Built to collide with Pharos-Ra on Purple (could be any color, just felt that color was most flavorful,) traits are filler, Spell power should be {.5 * Magic +1}, largely based off of Egg Thief’s interaction with Cedric. Destroying the whole board would require Pharos-Ra + any Necromancy troop.

Had to be done. The ultimate “Guardian of Anu’s sceptre.”

Edit: Actual (more) correct english.

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Since we have no Maeve, i made one. I used a new concept for hitting the middle enemies. Pics was stolen from online lol but you get the idea. :rofl:
her text box could be, Mother knows best. lol


Awesome! I’ve been hoping to find something like this for a while. I’ve had some rough ideas for some troops in the past and now I have somewhere to make it look nice.


This thread may be old already, but whatever…

Just created this troop so I have something to showcase along with these epic sfx fit for a truly legendary evil sorcerer!