Troop Filter suggestion - 'Order' direction arrow

Just thought I’d make this while it’s fresh.

There have been several requests in the past for changes to the Troop Filter menu, but I do know that the Devs appreciate concrete suggestions for what it should look like in-game.

I would like to see a ‘direction arrow’ next to the ‘Order’ drop-down box, as shown (or similar):

filter%20suggestion :

When clicked, it would change to a red, upwards-facing arrow (or similar) to indicate that Troops would be shown from bottom-top, rather than top-bottom (the default setting). This follows the same logic as the :white_check_mark: and :x: for mana colours.

Other options:

  • The arrow could instead be a downwards-pointing triangle, like the ones on the right-hand side of the drop-down menus. This is a common format on websites, I think, but could potentially be confusing.
  • There could be two arrows displayed simultaneously, with the upwards red arrow on the left of the green arrow in the picture. The one not currently selected would be greyed-out or dimmed.

Please feel free to mention any further suggestions of your own or modifications to the above!