Troop cards

Can a dev please explain to me why are you making it so hard for players to see the mana colors , most players that play this game are over 30 and a lot of us where glasses so we find it very difficult to see a mana colors when you put figures over it like this , in the game its not as blown up as this screenshot maybe if the devs would look at the original format the way the pics shows up in the game we are not looking at a giant pic but a much smaller one. Also there is no reason to place a glowing circle around the mana circle if the card already has an arrow showing its ready to use


Maybe we need to try reverse psychology?

4 indicators that we’re spell ready aren’t enough.

Please add some more because clearly we’re all little dumb-dumbs that were only able to play the game before by sheer accident. We wildly clicked and sometimes the game did things.

And now we only understand the changed picture, full mana orb, blue flashing arrow with big stripe, and blue glow in the mana orb I’d say about 50% of the time. So we need 4 more indicators!

Yes, that is sarcasm and hyperbole.

The 2 we had before the failure of a redesign were absolutely enough.

The interface was clean and easy to read.

Now it’s a mess.


To be fair, that is how it seems a lot of people play :grinning: