Card Redesign

I can appreciate the desire to make graphical changes to the game in order to keep things new and fresh. However, those changes shouldn’t result in a worse design from a functional standpoint. With the new update, I have the following feedback on the card redesign:

  1. The numbers for health and armor are too small.

  2. The changes to mana display are confusing and make things harder to read. The number (e.g., 10/12) has been moved to the side instead of on the bubble. This is confusing for two reasons. The numbers themselves aren’t white text but the color of only one of the mana colors (if there’s a card with two mana colors). This makes your brain think oh I need that color and only that color. It’s also hard to tell if you’re looking at the bubble how much mana you still need because the gradation (or filling up of the bubble) isn’t pronounced enough. Personally I would go back to the prior design with the mana and have white numbers on the bubble and forgo the filling up of the mana.

  3. I’ve completely lost my ability to see rarity of the card in the battle screen. This was useful to me as it was often a reminder that I needed to check to see if I could level my cards.

  4. On the traits you’ve lost the ability to see the type of trait (from the colored icons) and the current diamond design takes up too much real estate on the card. You could move this to a less prominent position to make space for larger health and armor.

  5. The medaling is worse/harder to see.

  6. I do like the pulsing light blue arrow/coloration on the right hand side of the card when mana is full.

I felt so strongly about the card redesign that I’ve made an account just to post here about it. Thanks in advance for taking my feedback into consideration.



this is the only part i disagree with (simply putt, awful)


Personally, I love it, but I can understand why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

Overall, I agree that the numbers are too small and they need to be bigger/perhaps moved around.


I stopped playing now since it’s a harder job than my real job in it’s current state. Rather going back to 80+ working weeks than trying to read stats and figuring out, what I’m doing with troops I cannot fully see in order to beat teams that I can’t see either …


Agree with everything here but the blue flashing. The card changing images was good enough to let us know the spell was ready. Don’t need to be hit over the head. Also, I really enjoyed the toned down color of the old style UI. The new colors look like someone’s high school project where they couldn’t figure out an art style and just picked the brightest colors.

Overall, the new card and interface changes are a giant L.


I can’t see myself continuing to play unless there are additional tweaks. The effort to simply find the needed information is too much for my old man eyes.


I miss this too, but unfortunately my favorite border color was Orange (Legendary) and it gets tiring seeing almost every card in a Cyan (Mythic) border regardless of its Base Rarity. Currently, all cards have “black” borders at the top and bottom (previously the rarity border). Maybe bring back the rarity border but with a thinner line weight? At least the ascension stars themselves are color-coded…

And the Bronze medaling is literally broken, doesn’t render at all. I miss how, previously, each medaling yielded a progressively fancier border. Now they are just palette swaps.

That being said, I appreciate that the colored Mana Orb doesn’t disappear when a spell is ready to cast; the old borders just left an empty circle in that place and the first time I saw that I legitimately thought it was a glitch.

The pulsing arrow is a nice cue, but the gradient border just feels too thick. Maybe reduce it to half the width.


I like the idea of the reduced width.


One other thing that really bugs me about the card redesign is that now when I’m in the Troops screen the type of card is often abbreviated instead of being the full word since the trait icons are jammed next to it.

For example, Amarok is now “Elemental/Bea” instead of “Elemental/Beast”.

I know it’s a small thing but it makes it look sloppy/less professional.


I agree. I think it’s important to keep it but I wouldn’t object to it being just slightly smaller.


A previous feature is lost now. You have to click on the cards to see the traits, can no longer see it during the battle at a glance. Icons were a nice way to see who is impervious for example.


we need the old design of cards back these new cards are hard to see on a pc much less a phone


Beside awful it’s useless because once the mana is full the whole image changes


Something else worth mentioning: With the spell descriptions and traits now having the mana colours underlaying, those are much more uncomfortable to read. While on paper this sounds like a neat idea, it isn’t thought through and should be reversed.


By the way, maybe I should mention this to you:

It’s a sad realization, everyone who comes to this forum has to make: Nobody from development is reading here, and unless a suggestion proves exceptionally popular (I once read a mention about 50+ likes, but that number may have been increased since), they will never even get to know about it.
Gems of War is a zero-way communication. They don’t listen, they don’t speak.


I agree with pretty much all the criticisms/suggestions here. The new card UI is quite difficult to parse, in addition to just being so small it’s hard to read (on a phone, at least - maybe it’s better on console or PC). The old card design was clear, legible, and looked fine. I do not think it needed to be changed, and the changes are now making it difficult to play effectively.

Please consider reverting the changes, or at least offering an option to toggle the card design.


It is awful. Hard to read numbers, looks like an older version of what we were using .


A design update that no one asked for.
My eyes are bleeding. On the big screen it looks terrible and too bright. There are too many colors on the sides, and I have to look at the center. This makes you dizzy if something flashes from the side.

It is absolutely impossible to understand what negative statuses work if there are more than two of them. They all merge. I want to look at the troop and see all the statuses separately without animation.

Changed place of skills, but we still don’t see the Magic. Magic is the same skill as attack. Why do I have to look at the troop every time to find out how much magic it has? For example, for the Grey King, magic is very important and it increases.

There is a lot of information noise. Instead of the rarity of the card, I see only colors now. Although they were already visible before. It is now very inconvenient to watch the rarity of weapons and troops. The lower part of the card merges with the gray background.

We also lost the trait icons on the troop. Many people used them and it was convenient.


In Guild Wars I didn’t even realise that my opponent was using Zuul’Goth until he killed one of my troops. Everything was blinking and flashing like a stroboscope.


Hi there.
Update 7.0 is nearly unplayable on mobile phones now due to the card redesign.
Too small numbers, awfull color combinations, too much effects in general around the cards. Makes it unreadable during a game.
I also see no difference on a troop between elitel-level bronze and no elite-level.
Don’t delete the old design^^ there should be an option to switch the design in the game settings like holiday skulls.