Trick & Treat Is OP

LOL I’ll post some teams in a few hours after work. The Monk class makes this weapen…whew

Essence of Evil is significantly better. Trick and Treat costs a staggering 22 mana. And to put that in context, all of the Doomed weapons require 18 mana, Dawnbringer requires 20 mana, and Duskbringer requires 25 mana.

Essence of Evil explodes gems and only costs 15 mana. You’re likely to get most, or in some cases, all of your mana back. Trick and Treat does nothing to the board.

There’s a reason defensive teams in GW use EoE but not Reflection of Good.


It might have higher mana cost but uses 3 colors so in many situations would be easier to fill.

And now you can effectively use EoE on offense for 4/6 Guild Wars days… :grimacing: