Trick and Treat Weapon custom fix

I fixed the new Weapon Trick and Treat. I hope you guys like it.


neat editing

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For plural targets there needs to be a plural colors

Also — if the 33 is affected by the magic stat, it should be purple.

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GoW consistently uses them/their as a third-person singular pronoun, but inconsistently varies between ‘of their Mana Color’ and ‘of one of their Mana Colors’. The latter would be more accurate, but the former is used quite often, so this description is syntactically consistent with standard GoW language.

I’m not objecting to the use of their as a singular when it’s clear there’e only one subject.

In this case, there’s not. Both the enemy and the ally are affected — so whose mana is being blown up?

If the their is plural, as I suspect, then chances are the answer is “both” meaning, of course, that unless the ally and the enemy share the exact same mana color (unlikely), then “colors” would be a much clearer description of how the OP is suggesting this weapon should work.

(Otherwise you just know people would complain if it only picked one or the other to explode, for being too random, or else complain for the grammatical reason that the game “doesn’t work as communicated”)

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Awesome idea – and I mean that sarcastically. Why would anyone ever use Essence of Evil or Reflection of Good if this proposed weapon existed? They wouldn’t.

EoE inflicts negative and explodes gems.
RoG inflicts positive and explodes gems.
Trick and Treat inflicts both.

That’s OK. Your idea would make it strictly better than both of those weapons.


Oh, I assumed it was just referring to the enemy—otherwise it would be “our”. I’ve only ever seen spells that explode either gems of one color or random gems on the board.

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Exploding 33 gems would make the weapon too powerful in my opinion. Currently, it is a dust collector for me and needs a rework. Exploding gems is a decent idea, but i would suggest around 8 gems, or add enchant all allies and curse all enemies instead. There are multiple possibilities, but i feel the game development team have missed the boat here.

I based the explosion to fall in between EOE (44 Gems) and ROG (22 Gems). Both based on my account. I think you are right though, maybe it should like 11 gems to make it reasonable.

There isn’t really that much difference between exploding 44, 22 or 11 gems of one mana color, considering that the average number of gems of each color is less than 10.


Thank you guys for your feedback.

Please find the new one.


As Fourdottwoone already said, there isn’t much of a difference between exploding one number of gems vs another, unless we’re talking about a statistically relevant amount.

Consider this board:

What’s the minimum number of green gems I need to explode to explode all of them that I can? Well, that’s easy – just look at all the green gems and find the adjacent gems:

Now how many unique gems on the board are there though? For instance, look at the top right. The two yellows. Four green gems would explode it. You’re not getting 4x mana from all of them. And in fact, the top right green gem is redundant., because the green gem beneath it is already exploding the top yellow gem.

As for the rest of the board, almost every green gem is exploding a gem that another green gem is already exploding. There are 12 green gems on the board. There is only ONE green gem that is destroying gems that no other green gem is destroying (bottom left).

So I don’t actually need to explode 12 green gems with my Leprechaun. I could get by with exploding just 4-5 green gems and still get largely the same amount of mana. After all, you get only 50% of the mana from gems destroyed by explosion. That green gem in middle left? It has three green gems around it all hitting the same gems. It does nothing. Same with the green gem top right surrounded by three green gems.

Yet my Leprechaun can explode 30+ green gems. It’s not even statistically possible to have that many green gems on the board.

And therein lies the problem with your solution to making Trick and Treat better, because if you have it exploding a RELEVANT (5+) amount of gems, than it becomes strictly better than EoE or RoG.

And if you have it exploding less than that, it becomes useless. After all, people still don’t use RoG over EoE. It is far more beneficial to shut down enemy troops than it is to empower your own. Why? Because your troops can still do everything they could before they had ‘all positive status effects’ – whereas the enemy troops cannot do anything when they have ‘all negative status effects’

You don’t need a single positive status effect to win a match, but your opponent’s troops can’t do nearly anything if they have EoE on their first troop. It can’t do any skull damage, it’s going to die in a heart beat to spell/skull damage, it’s frozen so it’s preventing extra turns on its colors, etc.

Sorry to burst your bubble. Besides, the devs won’t ever touch the weapon anyway. What’s released is how it’s going to be forever.


Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback.

Maybe it should explode one random gem of each mana color? That would be a pretty neat effect we haven’t had so far, and it would end up exploding 6 gems without making the number appear arbitrary.


I really like that. Thank you.

I like the idea too. So dream on for now?