Fix Trick and Treat please!


Beside the wrong upgrades as it was pointed out in this bug report Trick or Treat has poorly designed upgrades
the whole weapon is useless. I specifically didn’t upgrade it fully since toad makes it even worse.

Greatest features of EoE and RoG is the gem explosion. This weapon just costs too much to cast and blocks 3 mana.

Please change the spell so it can be casted on an ally or enemy, when it casted on ally it should behave like RoG, if casted on an enemy it should behave like EoE.

Thank You

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Pretty sure with the way this game is designed, the spell can either target an ally or target an enemy. They would have to revamp the game engine to allow a choice on which side to cast. Same reason there isn’t a choose an enemy and choose a spot on the board in one spell.

I fixed it for you. Check my post

I could live with that, but that might would make the weapon overpowered

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True. I revised the explosion to 6.

Anyway made it to have fun.
Thanks for your feedback my friend.

With the Vulpacea update, this suggestion could now be implemented to improve the versatility of this weapon.

(Tbh, I kind of regret necroing this, Trick and Treat makes more thematic sense with its current ability, even if it’s not used a lot.

I was just reading through threads on the weapon for my reply in another post.

That being said, there are probably a range of “OR” suggestions that could now be implemented thanks to the new two-option spellcasting.)