Treasure Hunt should have exploding bombs in it

Post Updated Saturday June 4th 2022: I wish we had exploding gems in treasure hunt where you match 5 of a kind and you get a bomb that explodes and you get the rewards from the pouch, chest, vault, and gold it touched in a 9 block area as some call it a (circle). The gem in the middle blows up the other 8 gems surrounding it. That be fun i think of course you still get a extra turn on matching 5 of a kind and you lose no turns after you match 4 of a kind. Have 5 of the same kind make the symbol like a chest for example the chest blows up the surrounding 8 gems but drops down remaining there to turn in to a vault, you get rewards if other symbols was destroyed by the blast. Trying to make it sound like bejeweled but the gems would still stay after they exploded to be matched and turned to something better. :slight_smile:

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So by exploding a “bomb” gem this cashes out those tiles immediately, instead of waiting for them to get cashed out at the end? Okay, I can see some interesting potential here because by exploding a tile you sacrifice the opportunity to upgrade it to the next tile up (especially Red Chests and Money Safes for their chance of dropping Glory/Gem Keys).

However, this should NOT occur on matches of 4 or 5, because creating too many of these “bombs” is directly counterproductive to actually creating high-tier tiles at all. Remember, successful Treasure Hunt runs depend on being able to match 4+ Gems routinely.

Perhaps better, you could have a limited supply of “bombs” that you can cast at any time – just click on a tile on the board to explode it (and collect those rewards now) similar to any spell that lets you explode 1 Gem of your choice (Volthrenax, Wizard’s Tome, etc).

(also, the correct term is “area” not “radius” – remember the entire board is only 8x8)


I meant to put area or circle sorry about that. And i meant to fix the post matching five of a kind would make a bomb. That’s what i meant. I fixed the post. I hope it’s better. :slight_smile: