Transformed troop did not receive traits

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My opponent’s The Demon King cast its spell, and transformed my The Demon King into a Sir Mordayne. The new Mordayne entered without any traits, even though I have Mordayne fully traited.

Edit: Oh, I also just noticed it wasn’t ascended either.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

One of bug.

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This issue is the same on PC, and not just when using the Possessed King.
If you’re fully traited your troops, weren’t you supposed to have all the traits, except for the lower/halved level?

Is this intentional or not?

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I’ve made a note to look into this, thank you.


@Kafka and @Cyrup

Additional clarification.

So, the issue is still occurring.
The level of a specific transformed troop is usually halved, Level 10, the color of the troop shows its basic rarity, but not your color above the base level (if ascended to Mythic), so the Ultra-Rare troop will be always blue, even if your troop is Level 20 (Mythic) and if the transformed troop is then Level 10, only statistics will be lower, but most importantly, no traits will ever be active, even if all of your troops are fully traited.

This is best evident with the Possessed King troop, when transformed units now have basic rarity color displayed, usually halved in Level, and no traits active. Same goes for other troops that can transform troops.

This is a general issue.

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