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Explore Infernal king bug

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Playing Explore (Blighted lands, PC). Was up against Infernal King with full traits. Immortal proced but the new Infernal King had no traits. I assume explore randomly chooses if a troop has traits and it rerolls that random chance on summon. So this only happens if you randomly get King, it randomly gets full traits, it randomly triggers on death, and it randomly doesn’t get traits on summon. Rare and not game breaking, but it is there.

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Possibly linked to IK’s on resurrect (for player) traits display but not activating? E.g. Burn on skull dmg.

I did pop it into the known issues thread but not sure it’s been spotted/included etc.

When summoned in Explore it has no traits displayed. I wonder if other summoned troops are coming in without traits as well, I hadn’t paid attention before.

After farming for a while I’ve seen this dozens of times and can confirm that summoned troops never get traits in explore.

There is an known issue, where summoned troop traits are not activating correctly.

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