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Traitless Teams

Since Patch 1.0.9 traits become much more effectiv.
So i was woundering are they some well working teams without traits or maybe only first trait.
The only one comes to my mind is something with Alch/Valk/Banshee

Greetings Moonyson

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Lol, most decks are good without traits, traits just helps the team being better most of the time.
Except for Armored / Stoneskin / Some legendary traits that are way above the others and make a big change in the worthiness of a card.

And the troop would be comparably weaker if the the opponent had traits active. Big disadvantage.

I think the Crimson Bat deck will do well even without traits. Traits will speed it up, but it’s pretty solid.

The Yasmin’s Chalice / Rowan combination doesn’t need traits.

An early stoneskin Golem, as the cheapest stoneskin to trait, can help out if your just starting to get to traits.

a fully traited mollock is a find another fight for me. -1 magic for each 4 or 5 match? wowsers!

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