Trait that allows your team to always go first in PvP

do you guys/gals/others think a unique/racial 3rd trait that makes your team always go first in PvP matches and a minor perk be too powerful? Something like

Master Tactician - Your team always goes first in PvP. Start matches enchanted.

I think it would be a cool trait and make people rage juuuuust right.

So, what would happen if I was using the trait, and the defense team I was fighting was also using the trait?

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@Elarcadia Simple: Make another trait that allows you to go first if the other team has the other trait.

And if the enemy has THAT trait too, just make ANOTHER trait that supersedes that, and so forth and so on, until you might as well not make the traits.


Um… My team already goes first?


If both teams have the trait let the active player have priority. Easy fix.

In which case, it solves as many problems as NOT having the trait in the first place.

Sorry, I’m not trying to bag on your idea, I just don’t think it would be implemented well, or worth the effort in implementing it.


I want a rock paper scissors trait now to determine whoe goes first. Bring it AI!

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@Elarcadia Now, to be honest, that could actually work. Lol

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My team already goes first. Always. Or are you looking for something that would let the defending team go first? If so, no, no, and hell, no.


I’d also like to point out that having your whole team start out enchanted isn’t exactly a “minor perk” in an environment where the side that gets to shoot first usually wins.

Divine defender teams with Ishbaala would love that perk :smile:

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