Trait Suggestion Thread


So there’s been plenty of discussions about traits lately, bad ones, good ones, repetitive ones.
So I wanted to stretch those creative muscles and see what people could think up for trait suggestion/replacements.

Here’s how I’m gonna go about it, list a troop, display the 3 present traits, the issues with said trait options, then my suggested trait(s) along with why they fit better.

• 1. Daemon Bond - Allied Daemons gain 2 Life
• 2. Sturdy - Immune to Poison.
• 3. Venomous - Poison enemies when doing Skull damage.

Sturdy and Venomous aren’t a great fit. While thematically fitting, they’re completely useless on a troop that poisons an entire team with one cast of their spell.

• 1. Daemon Bond - Allied Daemons gain 2 Life
• 2. Alert - Immunity to Silence. /OR/ Shell Defense (NEW) - Immune to Poison and Burning
• 3. Intoxication (NEW) - Deal double Skull damage vs. Poisoned enemies.

Sturdy needed another immunity entirely, or an additional one. I originally liked Alert, but some people may find it unfair to not be able to use The Shushing One on 'em, so I added my original idea of burn protection added for an option.

Taking a page from the Pyromania trait here, I came up with the idea for Intoxication (name pending) as a poison variant of the same ability. Considering how easy it is for Webspinner to poison an entire team, I figured it’d be worth obtaining some sort of boost from that.

You could complain that it’d make Webspinner too powerful again, but think about how difficult it’d be to achieve Trait #3 on a Legendary? I think it’s worth a little OP with that level of dedication. Especially compared to non-legendaries traits being far more reliable.

Got any suggestions? I’m sure it’d better help the staff understand what players are looking for instead of just what they don’t like.

Some good places to start could be Keeper of Souls, Moloch, or maybe even Drake Rider (poor guy).


In general: Blessed and Cursed should be +2 and -2 respectively, rather than 1. Everything is too blasted big for us to care about 1 difference, with the possible exception of Crimson Bat’s magic stat.

Also, we should probably just accept that the ‘immune to one particular status’ traits are way inferior to Impervious and anything with the latter will outclass the former on that score, but Impervious is typically either a final trait or on weaker troops. None of which means that Fireproof isn’t useless, because it pretty much is. Waiting on higher distribution of burn effects.

As for individual troops…

Drake Rider definitely got shafted. +2 to troops of another type, and my pet peeve combo of Fireproof+Pyromania. He could stand to have a mana or magic gaining trait - even a red-related one on account of his ability, although that’s admittedly less useful. He could also easily have the ‘Flying’ trait (immunity to entangle) but the usefulness of that is questionable (at least its better than Fireproof though). Or Aflame (skull damage burns enemies) seeing as he literally sets things aflame.

Gar’Nok and Goblin King could both have an alternative to their totally worthless Leader trait - i.e. ‘Tactician’, +2 to all stats if in the last position. Balance is questionable.

All the ones with Daemonic Pact would be a lot scarier if the Ancient Horror wasn’t a piss-weak summon like all other summons are right now. Its chance could be higher than 25% to compensate for the current state of things, or possibly after a fix as well.

Kerberos, as with the others, could stand to have virtually anything else. Fireproof+Pyromania is the definition of being shafted right now, particularly for a legendary. I have no ideas. Arcane can stay though, its cool.

Luther probably shouldn’t have both Leader and Avenger. Pick one. They encourage mutually exclusive play-styles (either in the front for Leader or in the back to benefit from Avenger). He could have Knight Bond or Fast or something…

Moloch… if we were represent this thread with a picture, it’d be Moloch. See above for his worthless traits - Fireproof, Pyromania, and Daemonic Pact. Thematically, Moloch could almost be allowed to have Aflame and Pyromania. Almost. Regardless, Aflame is definitely a better trait (that is, until it gets a lot more common than it is right now).

Reaver can NOT have Fire Spirit. It makes no sense at all. Gain 1 magic per red ally, while taking all red mana off the board and making said red allies pretty much unusable. At the very least it could be Nature Spirit instead. (Particularly scary considering how much of a total boss Knight Coronet has become, after Reaver was far more powerful than him forever…)

Shadow Dragon and Webspinner, as discussed here and previously, have a net gain of zero from poisoning enemies via skull damage. The alternative of dealing them bonus or double damage is much more appealing, particularly as a third-tier legendary trait.

I’m sure I can add to this.